Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ first bug event will take place tomorrow

Animal crossing mistakes

We’ve already been promised some very welcome summer updates for Animal Crossing: New HorizonsBut this weekend brings even more fun in the form of the first Bug-Off.

If you live in the summer northern hemisphere, and currently bake alive if you’re in the UK like us, then the next few months are about to get a little more interesting. Every four Saturdays for the next four months (including tomorrow, June 27) you can participate in this great competition organized by none other than Flick.

If you haven’t heard of the Bug-Off before, it works much like CJ Fishing Tournaments, with players having to catch as many bugs as they can within a time limit. We have all the details you may need in our Bug-Off guide.

Between this and the upcoming summer updates, life on the island is about to improve. Are you going to immerse yourself in all this new content? Tell us below.