American pride drops to record levels, new poll finds

This July 4th, amid the coronavirus pandemic and national Black Lives Matter protests, American patriotism has fallen to its lowest point in nearly 20 years. According to a new survey, less than half of Americans are “extremely proud” of being Americans.

According to Gallup, pride in the US is the lowest since the test company first measured it in 2001. The survey shows that 70% of American adults are proud to be American in the new survey, but only 45% said they were extremely proud.

While most people still say they are proud to be Americans, this is the second year in a row that the number of extremely proud Americans fell below the majority level. The results remained relatively stable for years, at 81-92%, before falling sharply in 2017 to 75% during the first year in office of President Trump.

American pride in the United States has dropped sharply in recent years.


Democrats’ pride consistently measures much lower than that of Republicans, Gallup reports.

Only 22% of Democrats say they are extremely proud to be American – a 10-point decrease from 2019 and half of what it was before Trump was elected. However, 76% of Republicans and 41% of independents say they are extremely proud.

Men expressed pride in higher percentages than women, at 48% compared to 43%. The most patriotic Americans are people over the age of 65, at 63%, while only 33% of people ages 18 to 29 reported feeling moderately proud to be Americans.

In terms of the eight aspects of the US government that Gallup polls, Americans take great pride in the scientific achievements of the US, followed by the military, culture and the arts, the economy, sporting achievements and the diversity of race, ethnicity and religion.

Americans said they are less proud of the country’s political system and health and wellness system.

“Record-breaking American patriotism is the latest victim of the heavily polarized political climate in the United States today,” Gallup said. “While neither party group is proud of the United States political system, politics may be affecting the general sense of pride in the Democrats in their country more than that of the Republicans.”