Amazon World Health Day Edition Questionnaire Answers – Play and Win Rs 15,000 Balance


Amazon World Health Day Test
Amazon World Health Day Test

Details of today’s Amazon quiz:

  • Amazon Quiz Today Award – 15,000 Amazon Pay balance
  • Amazon quiz Time – 8 a.m. at 12 p.m.
  • Amazon test date – April 9, 2020 to April 14
  • The list of winners will be declared in – May 30, 2020
  • Winner: 4 4

How to participate in the questionnaire:

    1. Download the Amazon mobile app
    2. Login with your credentials
    3. Search Fun zone from the search section
    4. Click Fist Option – Funzone
    5. You will navigate to the test page and you can see the test in the image below
      How to play Amazon Quiz
      How to play Amazon Quiz

Q1: In which country is the World Health Organization headquartered?
Answer: Switzerland

Q2: Which of these animals appears on the flag of the World Health Organization?
Answer: snake

Q3: An initiative known as UHC formed the theme for World Health Day in 2019, what does UHC mean?
Answer: universal health coverage

Q4: Jonas Salk is known to develop one of the first vaccines for what disease?
Answer: polio

Q5: Which actor runs the Meer Foundation, which has partnered with Ek Saath to provide daily food requirements to more than 5,500 families for a month?
Answer: Shahrukh Khan

Q6: In 1944, two doctors, Dr. Townley Paton and Dr. John MacLean in New York, established the world’s first “bank” for what.
Answer: eyes