Amazon opens pharma online pharmacy with prescription delivery

Now sold on Amazon: insulin, inhalers and other prescription drugs – all with a two-day delivery for members of the ecommerce gambling prime shopping club.

Amazon’s new pharma online pharmacy, which opens on Tuesday, allows users to order their medicine and refill on their phones or other devices and deliver it to their home in a few days, like a book or toilet paper. The move pushes Amazon into a new business, potentially shaking up the pharmacy industry as it covers everything from booksellers to toy stores and groceries.

In another incentive for PM members, Amazon, in conjunction with Signna’s Evernorth subsidiary, is also offering its Insidex card to discount discounts on brand-name prescription drugs when shopping without insurance at Amazon Pharmacy and 500,000 participating drugstores.

“We see the launch of Amazon Pharmacy as a continuation of Amazon’s efforts to improve the value proposition of its Prime membership program, while the ongoing infiltration of Prime into the US has resulted in a growing percentage of let share / household costs among existing members.” UBS analyst Eric Sheridan said in a research note.

Large chains such as CVS and Vaggrins rely on their pharmacies so there is a constant influx of shoppers who can buy constantly taking frequent vaccinations to take their medicines. But Amazon is also launching the service amid a coronavirus epidemic, boosting consumer demand for deliverline delivery.

Shares of the drug store chain plunged in pre-market trading, with CVS down nearly 9% and Wal Grains down 12%. Shares of Amazon rose 2.6%.

Price comparison

Amazon said it will offer commonly prescribed medications, including creams and pills, as well as medications that need to stay cold, such as insulin, from Tuesday. Shoppers will have to set up a profile on Amazon’s website and doctors will have to send prescriptions to the company.

Amazon said its customers will be able to research and compare drugs, including branded and generic versions, while inspecting prices through uninsured pricing, their insurance co-pay or the new Prime prescription savings benefit.

Amazon plans to rent out the spree


Most insurance is accepted, Amazon said, but uninsured PM members can also buy generic or brand-name drugs for discounts from Amazon, which the company says up to 0% for generic drugs and up to 40% on brand-name drugs. Will be discounted.

“We work hard to handle the issues behind the scenes so that anyone who needs a prescription can understand their options, order at the lowest available price, and deliver their medicine quickly,” said TJ Parker, vice president of Amazon Pharmacy. Said. One line.

Amazon will focus on the healthcare industry for a while. Two years ago, he spent 7 50,750 million to buy a pharma online pharmacy pillpack, which he plans to take as long as the time and day, the drug in the packet. Pilpack will continue to focus on shipping drugs with long-term conditions, Amazon said.