Amazon Honeycode is a developer of applications without programming for companies

Amazon Web Services customers now have an easy to use application creation tool at their disposal. The e-commerce giant has launched a fully managed service called Honeycode that enables AWS customers to create interactive mobile and web applications without the need for programming. Honeycode has a simple visual app builder that customers can use to, in Amazon’s words, “create apps that range in complexity from a task tracking app for a small team to a project management system that manages a flow of complex work for multiple teams or departments. “

The company hopes that Honeycode can eliminate the need to use spreadsheets and emails to schedule events, create to-do lists, track staff progress, and track content and inventory, among other business functions. Honeycode applications will make it easier for customers to sort, filter, and link data, and will also allow them to create data dashboards that update in real time. Customers don’t even have to worry about managing and maintaining any hardware or software; Amazon will take care of that.