A&M beat Mississippi State SEC-style

No. 11 Texas A&M (3-1) disposed of the Bulldogs (1-3) on Saturday afternoon, batting for the home team and running 186 yards and 6 sacks while the home team ran for 2 yards. Mississippi State offended just 217 yards and made just one offensive touchdown.

Neither team scored in the first quarter, but the tempo for the game was already established. A&M’s running game, led by Isaiah Spiller (18 carry, 114 yards, 2 TD) increased to 72 yards on the ground while Mississippi State doubled and quarterback KJ Costello (15-22, 99 yards, 1 INT) Easy barrier prevented. Wait on the drive in between Cornbach My K Miles Jones A&M End Zone.

Gies Gzi took the attacking point during his third drive, when he went 66 yards on 8 plays – all runs. Spiller scored from 3 yards and A&M conveyed the message that they are picking up from where they left off against Florida. Mississippi State entered the game with just y 76 yards on the ground in their first three games, and the Eagles scored just those moments in the second quarter.

“The load was to run the ball all week,” said senior offensive lineman Carson Green. “We want to show that we can run on anyone.”

The Bulldogs went 3 and out on their front possession and the Aegis knew they were going to get the ball back, but they couldn’t get a better field position. Linebacker Chris Russell broke off from the Mississippi State Line and blocked Tucker Dana Punt, who bounced back on Bulldog 1. After one play, Spiller had another touchdown and Aegis was leading 14-0.

The A&M took over Mississippi State very quickly and it looked like they were going to get the ball over midfield after the second punt, but safety Leon O’Neill was called in for personal pride to try to jump on the punting shield of his own 48.

Coach Jimbo Fisher said, “We got three penalties for one play. “(O’Neill’s penalty) was just ridiculous. We could have scored there. “

Instead, he became the other 3 and out, with safety Brian Williams taking the first bag of his career to finish the Mississippi State Drive. The Bulldogs would get a second shot at the final possession points on the first half, reaching A&M 26 before being taken out of the bag by senior defensive lineman Jaden PV and an illegal block in the back pushed them out of the field goal range. Aegis went to the locker room 14-0, got a kickoff early in the second half and doubled his sack total for the season with four – mostly with a rush of three men.

The PVA said, “The pass rush was concentrated throughout the week. “We studied well this week. Mike Elconi has a great gameplan in front of him. “

When a potential mishap occurred, A&M kicked the second half and pushed their way to Mississippi State 32. Quarterback Callen Mond (13-23, 139 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT) threw a pass coming out of Aeneas Smith’s shoulder pad and headed all the way to the side line, where he was caught by Cornbark Emmanuel Forbes. Was. Obstacle 60 yards for a touchdown.

“We had a nice drive, then we had a ricochet,” Fisher said.

In Starkville’s past trips, that kind of game was the tipping point that led to the bulldog run that points the Aegis behind the 8-ball. This time, A&M returned immediately. Only in plays plays, Aegis went to y 75 yards and caught a shallow cross after a wideout chase lane (2 catches, y0 yards, 1 TD) and extended his lead to 21-7, leaving the entire Mississippi State Defense behind for 511 yards. Score.

Fisher said, “(This was the drive I was really proud of). “We returned immediately. We really had two great catches through Chase Lane and a great throw by Kellen. “

A&M will soon put the game out of reach, when linebacker Buddy Johnson and defensive finalist Michelle Clemens teamed up to hit Costello, sparking a fuss that PV Mississippi State returned to 27 and reached a 19-yard touchdown 8.

PV later said with a bit of regret, “I was just that (hitting).

It doesn’t matter; Monde passed two plays after Smith (5 catches, 20 yards, 1 TD; 10 carry, 52 yards) for a 6-yard touchdown, which later went 28-7. It will be a curtain for Costello, who was replaced by freshman quarterback Will Rogers. Rogers was more effective, completing 18 of 18 passes for 120 yards and the Bulldogs’ first offensive touchdown in more than two games of football, but A&M’s defense and running game stole any hope of a comeback.

Leading the Mississippi State Defense around a deadline for a good move, Aegis finished the game’s final 5:06 run. The A&M Bulldogs ended the clock instead of trying to add to their winning interval on the 1-yard-line.

“We want to show that we can run the ball so that (Fisher) doesn’t call the pass plays.” “We want to prove that we are a great team and people need to know our name.”

Fisher said there is a lot to improve in the Eggs, but was satisfied with the end result.

“A 14-point win is a good win,” Fisher said. “Mississippi State has always been a difficult place for us to play.”