Alien-hunting scientists investigate mysterious radio ‘signal’ from you

It is the second closest encounter.

A team of alien-hunting scientists is investigating the radio “signal” of a star near Earth – the mysterious “wow!” Compares the 1977 signal, according to a report on Friday.

The Guardian reports that astronauts from the Breakthrough Liaison Project – a $ 100 million mission to find life in space from a radio telescope – emitted a wave that they believe is Proxima Centauri, a star 2.6 light-years away.

In April Australia discovered a beam in Australia The researchers said it was worth investigating because the frequency was consistent with planetary motion.

“Wow then he is the first serious candidate! Signal, ” they told the group to the outlet.

In 1977, astronomer Jerry Ehman discovered radio waves that he called “Wow!” Signals when using the Ohio State “Big Ear” Telescope in Delaware. At that time the signal – which was 30 times stronger than normal background radiation – could not come from Earth.

Astronomers have since theorized that the waves came from passing comets, not alien life.

Scientists with the Breakthrough Legion Project are preparing to investigate the latest signal called BLC1 in a research paper.