Alex Trebek rummages in his pockets for his latest show of generosity

Danger! The presenter Alex Trebek has been at the forefront of the classic quiz competition that has lasted for thirty years and is paid lucratively for his work.

In the midst of his own health crisis, dealing with late-stage cancer, Canadian-born Trebek has shown grace in thinking of others and, especially, in sharing his wealth with those in need.

Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek | Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

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Trebek’s kindness towards a concerned fanatic

A determined Trebek fan, in October 2019, upon learning of the presenter’s diagnosis of the prostate cancer contest, went out of his way to contact him so that Trebek knew how much he was supporting him.

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The fanatic, who lived with autism and epilepsy, made his mother support he. The persistent mother, knowing how devastated her son was, tracked down Trebek’s son in his New York restaurant and let her know that she “would thrill my son” if she could speak to Alex Trebek to wish him well.

The 79-year-old game show personality called and left a voicemail for the young man saying, “I just wanted to thank you for [being in touch] . . . Maybe one day, if you can get to Los Angeles, you could come and record the show. Hopefully I’ll still be out there hosting it. OK. Beware.”

This is not Alex Trebek’s first show of generosity

In 1998, Trebek bought land in the Los Angeles area for $ 2 million, and then donated it to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. The land is now called Trebek Open Space and has become a sanctuary for wildlife and hikers alike to navigate the roads of Los Angeles.

John Diaz, a staff member of The Conservancy at the time in the 1990s, said Los Angeles Times Trebek’s gift “almost doubled the park in the area.”

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The Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority website described the Trebek Open Space and the treasure it is for the surrounding area.

“Sixty-two acres of the Trebek Open Space in the Hollywood Hills abuts the City of Los Angeles-owned Runyon Canyon Park,” the website said. “A well established and sunny fire road network provides trails for hikers, mountain bikers and horse riders. The park was generously donated by the well-known Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek. “

Your recent donation of $ 500,000

Most recently, Trebek and his wife, Jean, according to TMZ, have made a generous donation to the nonprofit Hope Of The Valley, for the creation of a homeless shelter, Hope Central, in the San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles area. .

Alex and Jean Trebek at the Hope Central construction site
Alex and Jean Trebek at the Hope Central construction site

The store reported that the facility will be designed specifically for homeless seniors in the community. Furthermore, the largest room of the project has already been named The Alex and Jean Trebek Multipurpose Room, an area where people can relax, eat and relax.

Once again, Trebek demonstrates that intelligence and compassion go hand in hand. This is why millions love the Danger! much icon.

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