Alex Trebeck’s biggest money mistake, and his advice to navigate the next crash in the stock market

Alex Trebeck

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‘Crash is a golden opportunity to make money, because the American economy is always solid enough to bounce back.’

It’s Alex Trebek, the longtime host of “Crisis”! The man, who died Sunday at the age of 80, revealed in a Reuters interview in 2017 about his approach to money and investing.

“I remember after the 1987 crash, I started buying right away, and ended up with a lot of shares of companies like Coca-Cola Co,
+ 0.02%,
”Trebeck explained many years before his cancer diagnosis. “I protect what I have, investing for a greater benefit than that.”

Before his death, he had plenty to save.

“Earned 18 18 million per risk,” according to the Trebec report. Season, which brought its total wealth to 75 million, according to the celebrity net worth web site.

The mid-touch he enjoyed in his show-professional career does not always translate into his personal life. He shared the false story of investing a large chunk of the change in a friend’s winery – one of the biggest money mistakes he’s ever made.

In 1997, the U.S. “Gradually the enterprise needed more money, and other partners weren’t kicking, so I became the sole investor,” Canadian-born Trebeck, who became a citizen, told Reuters. “In the end I lost 2 million, and that destroyed the friendship. I think it was the only winery in California that didn’t make money. But at least I had to enjoy the wine. “

And for more than three decades, fans, such as “Crisis!” Champ Ken Jennings, got to enjoy Trebick.

“Alex, he’s never been better than what he did.” He tweeted After passing the trackback. “He was also a handsome and deeply polite man, and I am grateful for every minute I get to spend with him.”