After three epic games, Patrick Mahoms vs. Tom Brady’s Round 4 could be the last

He is a 43-year-old GOAT vs. 25-year-old magician. The Kansas City Chiefs’ Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Patrick Mahoms will meet on Sunday (4:25:25 ET, CBS) for the fourth time in three years. They also meet for the first time since Mahoms was crowned Super Bowl champion last year and Brady found himself a new home in Tampa Bay.

They are not the two best in the league with paint for big moments and big games – they are the symbols of the pay generation who have gained universal recognition for advancing their game.

With Brady, it’s always a chess match. His success has been achieved by systematically building defenses and fitting the ball tightly and easily – although he has taken many more chances in Bruce Arians’ offense as he attempts to observe Father’s time.

Mahoms, on the other hand, ignores the laws of physics and human anatomy on a weekly basis, joining his hands in impossible corners to throw the same equally. While Brady brings willpower and determination – which shattered him from a seventh-string quarterback in Michigan and the 199th overall draft will pick a six-time Super Bowl winner – Mahoms brings “wow”.

They already have three riveting matchups, all determined by a score or less. With Brady now in NFC South and watching NFC West only every four years, this could be their last time facing, unless both teams reach the Super Bowl before retiring in Super Braille.

Here’s a look at those matchups, and what fans can expect when the two face off on Sunday.

What it means: The Chiefs were 5-0, and Mahoms, in his first year as a starter, was already firing the NFL with 1,513 yards and 14 touchdown passes. The Patriots were 2-2 but have a two-match winning streak.

The game, suitable for Mahoms-Brady matchup, was high scoring. It features about 700 passing yards, split almost equally between the two, and five touchdown passes, from four mahooms. Mahoms tied a 75-yard touchdown pass on Tyrick Hill with a score of 400 with three minutes left, but Brad D drove the drive that ended with a winning field goal and a 43-40 Patriots victory. The Chiefs went on a 12-4 record and the AFC’s No. 1 playoff seed was immediately behind with 11-5 Patriots.

The best moment / main game for each QB: Brady’s longest three passes of the game came in the fourth quarter. No one was bigger than Rob Gronkowski’s 39-yard throw that put the Patriots in a winning field goal position. Mahoms had two long touchdown passes, one from 75 yards from Hill and 67 yards from Cream Hunt.

What they said: “[Mahomes] At the end of Tyrick was a great throw, and he had some other great throws. So it’s hard to slow people down. They were getting a lot of points throughout the year. They’re going to be pretty tough to stop, so we got the last shot and we’re glad we took advantage of it. ” – Brady

“I have the utmost respect for Tom and what he has done in this game and his entire career. He has had success in this league because he has won games with a last minute drive. For us, you just have to find a way to win games like this. If you want to go where you want to go, you have to win games that will be tight and they will be against really good opponents. ” – Mahoms

Who won this round: Mahoms and the Chiefs voiced their presence, but Brady established an initial supremacy in the feud.

What it means: The stakes were big this time around as Mahoms and Brady met for the AFC Championship. The first half had a very different look than the first game between the quarterbacks. Mahoms and the high-scoring chiefs were disappointed with the Patriots’ man-to-man coverage and trailed 14-0 at halftime. But the expected shootout developed in the second half.

With three touchdowns behind Mahoms, the Chiefs were preparing to advance to the Super Bowl when the BRDA stopped late in the fourth quarter, with the Chiefs leading 28-24. But the play was destroyed by a penalty and eventually the game went into overtime. The Patriots won the coin toss and set a winning touchdown to win 37-31. Mahoms never touched the ball in overtime.

The best moment / main game for each QB: Bradd was the best on the winning drive in overtime, when he completed three passes of 10 and 10 to allow the Patriots to convert. Mahoms threw a 23-yard touchdown pass to give Maaf his first lead in the fourth quarter.

What they said: “I think we’ve got a lot of control this year. Down but not out and we’ve got a way to play the last four games – Buffalo, the Jets had, bye, played great against the Chargers and played really well today. We have one more great. The game needed, it was a great way to end it. I was probably as excited as I have been for a long time. A lot of things, a play here or a play there can change everything, but it’s football. Proud. ” – Brady

“This is how the coin hits, I guess you say. This is the thing where he had a very good drive. He has a lot of third-down conversions. In big moments, people made big catches. [Brady]. It’s the thing where all you can do is support your teammate, trust your teammate and go there when you get the chance and try to play. ” – Mahoms

Who won this round: Brady went out with the prize, a trip to the Super Bowl, which he won to earn his sixth ring. Mahoms & Co. left with inspiration for next season.

What it means: The Patriots were 10-2 and the Chiefs were 8-2. With a slow start to his first two games against Brady and the Patriots, Mahoms took 226 yards, a touchdown pass and a 20-7 lead after the first 60 minutes. Brady and the Patriots rallied in the second half but fell short when the Chiefs knocked off a fourth-down pass in the end zone with just one minute left. Eventually Mahoms won his rivalry, as the Chiefs won 23-16.

The best moment / main game for each QB: Mahomes threw a 48-yard touchdown pass to McCall Hardman in the second quarter to give the Chiefs a win they would not give up. Brady lost a touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter when the receiver went out of bounds before reaching the end zone when officials ruled incorrectly.

What they said: “Every game feels a little bit different and the situation is a little bit different, and every year it’s also a different team. Try to work through them throughout the season, and we have three big games left, and we’ve won the football again. ” – Brady

“First, I don’t think this will be the case [Brady’s] Last season. He is still playing at a high level. But yes, you want to beat the best, you have to go out and play against the best and give your best. But it’s a team game, your team has beaten his team. It’s a really good football team, it’s a really tough environment to play, and so we have to find a way to win a game. – Mahoms

Who won this round: Mahoms. Both teams finished the season 12-4, but a major win gave the Chiefs a playoff bye, which forced Brady and the Patriots to play a wild-card weekend when they lost 20-13 to the Tennessee Titans.

Round 4, Nov. 29, 2020

What this means for Mahoms: Unless the teams make it to the Super Bowl, this is probably for Mahoms-Brady. The win allowed Mahoms to one day tell his kids that he was also against Brady in four games. If Books win, Brody Neuer will undoubtedly take pride in his 3-1 record against Mahoms.

What does that mean for Brady: The Bucks will fight for playoff berths after falling to No. 1 in the NFC after losing to the NFC South with a loss to New Orleans in Week 9 and losing to the Rams in the week. The game will define during their season. The offense has taken a large number of places but is also wildly inconsistent at the time and has struggled with cold balls in recent weeks, which has affected his big playing ability. Coach Bruce Arians believes this has little to do with Brady’s hand and more to do with his lack of consistency with many new pieces.

Challenge Brady presents to Chiefs: Brady lost the Rams on Monday night of his age books. The challenge for the chiefs is whether they can put pressure on them as well as Ram. The Chiefs’ pass rush has not been productive this season. The Chiefs need big games from Chris Jones and Frank Clark.

The challenge presents Mahoms Bucks: Todd Bowles defense is high risk, high reward. If offense can beat the Blitz, they can get plays – and defeating the Blues is one of the best in the Mahomes League. Andy Reed also does a wonderful job of mingling his receivers and finding those sensitive places in the zone defense for Mahoms.

Whose edge is in a sentence?

It’s hard to pick him against Mahoms, who could go on to the second MVP award of his youth career. – Teacher

Mahoms has. Bucks ’pass defense has been shaken in recent weeks and looks even more sensitive without Jamal Dean (provocation). – Line