After family surprise party, 18 family members test positive for coronavirus, one also battles breast cancer

As coronavirus cases and hospitalizations increase in Texas, one family unexpectedly learned that the COVID-19 crisis can happen to anyone.

It all started on May 30 when only an unknowingly infected relative, thinking that a mild cough was the byproduct of working in construction, interacted with seven family members at a surprise birthday party held near Carrollton in the north. from Texas, according to a KENS story. 5 Eyewitness News.

Those seven family members contracted and spread the virus to 10 other relatives.

Now Ron Barbosa is tracking 18 people in his family who have tested positive for COVID-19. Three are now hospitalized, including two older family members and a woman battling breast cancer.

Barbosa did not attend the party, but the celebration was for her daughter-in-law, who turned 30, and was received by Barbosa’s nephew.

Barbosa, a volunteer EMT, is married to a doctor and said he and his wife decided not to attend the party for security reasons. However, he played golf with some family members before the party who attended the event, according to Barbosa.

“That [the party] It wasn’t that long. It was only a couple of hours, ”said Barbosa. “But during that short time, somehow the other family members are now infected with COVID.” Although everyone did their best to stay socially distant, Barbosa said it was not enough.

Not surprisingly, news of this crisis has been criticized and disapproved on Facebook. One remarking “Did they try to practice social distancing? Look at the photo! Without masks, everyone shoulder to shoulder! And” I feel bad for them and I hope they recover, but learn your lesson! It is not a joke! ” Another commented with “They knew better. What happens next is in them. No sympathy.”

But there were other comments to counter the criticism saying: “Wow people! Where is your compassion? We are all human and we make mistakes. I am in favor of masks and social distancing, but be nice and pray for them!” Other said: “Goodness. Where is the kindness these days? We all make decisions that sometimes have bad results. ”

There were also some comments on Twitter:

By current Texas state health standards, it was a party that seemed relatively harmless. A total of 25 people attended, and not all of them came and stayed for the same duration.

Among those infected are two young children, two grandparents, a cancer patient and Barbosa’s parents, who are 80 years old. Three are hospitalized: Barbosa’s parents, Frank and Carole, along with their sister Kathy, who is battling breast cancer.

Kathy is recovering and feeling better, despite contracting the virus while simultaneously undergoing chemotherapy treatments, Barbosa said. He says she went to the party and got infected, even though she was socially distancing herself outside on a porch.

But the situation of Barbosa’s parents is more serious. Carole has been hospitalized since June 13, and Frank has been in the hospital since June 17 and is in the ICU on life support. Barbosa told WFAA that he is inches from being put on a fan.

As it has been for most hospital patients with coronavirus, visits are restricted. Phone calls to Barbosa’s parents are vital. “That is really the best medicine. You know they are there alone with no family,” said Barbosa holding back his tears. “It is heartbreaking.”

He has learned that another, more vital need for his father is the blood plasma of patients recovered with COVID-19, who have established antibodies. However, Barbosa said doctors informed him that there isn’t much at the moment. He also learned that donors who recovered coronavirus patients cannot donate to a specific person due to shortages.

Meanwhile, Barbosa is using the phrase “Frank Alert” to raise awareness of the need for more blood plasma with COVID-19 antibodies. “If you’ve recovered … go donate your plasma,” said Barbosa.

In addition to his sister and parents, Barbosa says his family is mainly recovering. In just a matter of weeks, they’ve been through multiple emotions. “But now, we are holding together.”

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