Adrian Peterson: It is disrespectful how NFL teams value running backs

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Adrian Peterson reestablished the running back market when he signed a seven-year, $ 96 million contract with the Vikings in 2011. Even though the salary cap has increased 65 percent since then, running back wages have barely budged. like the NFL teams have. he devoted all that salary growth to other positions.

Peterson doesn’t like that.

“It is disrespectful to be honest with you. It really is, “Peterson told

Now 35 and heading into his fourteenth NFL season, Peterson hopes to show NFL teams that runners can be trusted to have long runs.

“I think the change is going to come,” Peterson said. “Frank Gore and I continue to show the boys, ‘Hello, we are valuable. We can also have 10, 14-year careers, so rate us as much as you would value a quarterback. ‘”

The reality, however, is that runners in today’s NFL are simply not as valuable as quarterbacks. It is not about respect or disrespect, it is about the value that a player brings to his team. And runners don’t add value to teams quarterbacks make. Their contracts reflect that.