Adam Gas: It’s irrelevant if we misused Levon Bell

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The Jets guaranteed Leon Bell a four-year, contract 27.5 million contract for 27 27 million, while he was a free agent before the 2019 season and decided to free up five matches with him in the second game.

Bell’s departure came as no surprise as he remained ineffective on the field and was found to be at odds with head coach Adam Gass over how he was used during his short stint with the team. When Bell didn’t speak to reporters last Sunday and liked the tweets, the Jets liked to target him with just one pass in the loss to the Cardinals.

At her press conference Wednesday, Gass was asked if she agrees with the belief that the team abused Bell in the offense. Gass said it would not be “irrelevant at this time” if that were the case.

“It simply came to our notice then. It didn’t work. We will focus on the game right now, ”Gass told SNY.

Given the team’s 0-5 record and lack of talent, the flaws on Bell’s use won’t be the only irrelevant thing to get out of this Jets season.