Aaron Rodgers started drinking tequila after learning that the Packers were writing ‘quarterback’

In a lengthy interview on Kyle Brandt’s new Ringer podcast, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed his initial reaction to recruiting Green Bay in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

“When they changed, I was definitely buoyed up a bit,” Rodgers said as he reviewed potential innovative receivers the team could select for him.

“And then I received a text message, because everything is very late. I received a text message from my agent, my marketing agent whom I love and he simply texted the ‘quarterback’. I was like, ‘Oh wow. OK.'”

The Packers selected Jordan Love from Utah with the 26th overall pick, which they acquired from the Miami Dolphins in exchange for their original 30th pick and a fourth-round pick. Rodgers said the entire saga led him to get up and have a drink.


“I love Scotch whiskey, but I’ve also been drinking a little tequila,” he said. “Once I got that text message, I went to the pantry, I served myself about four fingers and I knew it would be one of those nights when people would start calling and it was going to be, ‘Hey, is everything okay? Are you well?’ ‘Yes, I’m OK.’

“Like I said, I wasn’t elated by the choice, especially being one game away from the Super Bowl and feeling like we’re a couple of players away, but at the same time I understand it’s a business.” I know the reality. “

Rodgers continued to address the parallels between Love’s start at Green Bay and his. Rodgers backed Pro Bowl QB Brett Favre 11 times after the Packers recruited him 24th overall in 2005.

He claimed it was a different situation, given that the Packers were 13-3 last season and made it to the NFC Championship Game. Green Bay was 10-6 in 2004 and lost to the Vikings in the wild card round. On top of that, Rodgers said Favre speaking publicly about retirement at the time was a big difference.

“And the next day I called Jordan because I just wanted to make sure he knew that, you know, I know what he was thinking,” said Rodgers. “I know what I was going through. The last thing you want is to deal with any negativity surrounding the realization of a childhood dream. I just said, ‘Congratulations, man. I understand what you’re going through, man, it’s super exciting. I am excited to work with you. It’s me.


“I understand that it is a business, I understand the nature of the business. I am not defending my place in any way, that will not happen. But I understand how the business works. “

When asked by Brandt how Rodgers thinks this whole quarterback debate is going to end, he said he imagines it will be more of a decision to leave him rather than decide not to play his first-round pick.

“Was I discouraged? Of course. Who wouldn’t it be? Rodgers said, adding that he has always been open about wanting to end his career at Green Bay.