‘A Man’s Cave on Wheels’: My husband’s RV is his pride and joy – but he owes 000 75,000 on it. If he dies, am I responsible?

My husband and I have been married for about eight years. Before the wedding we had a preconceived notion, where their RV and truck were left to do whatever they had to do, as my house and car are mine.

His RV is his pride and joy, and his “man cave” on wheels. I recently learned that his RV is “Ndhunchattu”. It costs 75 75,000 more than that. My concern is that if something happens to him, I will take a lien on my home.

My name is not on the RV, nor is it on my house. Your help and ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Mary Allen

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Dear Mary Allen,

It was a clear undo agreement. What is yours is yours and what it is and I believe, whatever you can earn during your marriage, is shared. More or less. It seems like you want to monopolize your life, but not your finances. The boys love their toy and he clearly takes great pride in his man cave on wheels, and it was for him and he was alone. This is good news for you: if you are not responsible for this debt, if his name is on the loan alone.

Community-Wealthy States – Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington & Washington – Wisconsin – Debt Consolidation Loans Meanwhile Marriage is considered the responsibility of the “community”. That is, both spouses are responsible for the debt. In Alaska, newlyweds may choose to opt for community property rules. In other common law states, spouses can take out a loan on a credit card and RV loan during married life, and are fully responsible for it.

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There is one major exception to these rules, says the American Bankruptcy Institute. You are responsible for your spouse’s medical debts under a legal principle known as the Principles of Requirements. “The rule of necessities is not limited to medical bills. It can apply to utilities, rent, food, clothing, and any other requirements, but the most common claim using this legal concept is in the collection of medical debts, “he says. (At least two states, Virginia and Alabama, have challenged this. )

“In Nebraska, when you marry someone you will also marry their future medical debt. If your spouse takes out medical debts during the married life, you are responsible for the debt. Even if the bill comes only in the name of your spouse. Even if you don’t sign for debt. Even if you do not authorize the treatment. Even if you are separated. In Nebraska, when you marry someone you also marry their future medical debt. This principle has been adopted in the Nebraska courts, ”the organization added.

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However, this does not account for the indirect value of the spouse’s debt. You have the beginning of your marriage open with your eyes open, so you should continue in that spirit. Organize a monthly budget so you know where your red lines are spending, and how much you need to earn to keep books in balance, and put money aside for emergency funding. You may also want to see if the husband can reduce his expenses to pay off the RV debt as soon as possible. You are a team.

Worst case: If your husband can’t pay the R on his RV, he will obviously be re-occupied by the company. If you or she has lost a job, on the other hand, the other spouse will probably shoulder the burden and help the other. What if he asks you to help pay on his RV? That is another question. Hopefully, Mary Allen won’t, and you and your husband will have a long and happy life together, and a few memorable trips in her RV.

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