A long wait for recruiting visits? OSU on the rise for higher OL

Good evening Bucknuts subscribers! A lot is happening with Ohio State soccer recruiting, so let’s get started! Of course, I will have much more throughout the night and tomorrow.

1) This afternoon I published an article about the Ohio State 5-star broker engagement TreVeyon Henderson. Like me Mentioned in the article, Henderson has not yet visited the state of Ohio, either officially or unofficially. His official visit was to be on the weekend of June 12, but that was canceled when the NCAA extended the dead period, which will now extend at least until July 31. Most of the Buckeyes’ 19 engagements were making their official visit that weekend and a number of their remaining targets. June 12-14 would be the most important official visit to recruit the season weekend for the class of 2021.

So when will Buckeye make his official visit to the state of Ohio? As you might guess, that’s totally up in the air right now. Some of the Buckeye committees have told me that they think their official visit will probably not be until December. A few others have mentioned making it happen during the season for one of the local Buckeye games. However, a few others have told me right now that they have no idea when their official visit to the state of Ohio will be.

When you look at the Buckeyes schedule next season, there is only one big game (at least as things stand now) on the Buckeyes’ local schedule, which is against Michigan on November 28. The Ohio State vs. Michigan game is always a great recruiting weekend. And as long as recruiting visits are allowed, it will be again this year, at least for the freshmen the Buckeyes are recruiting. Staff may wait until December to incorporate most of the 2021 commitments into official visits, as well as primary goals. All of that is up in the air still depending on what the NCAA does with the extended dead period.

And that brings me to item # 2 and something I’ve heard regarding recruitment visits …

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