A doctor in Los Angeles diagnoses a coronavirus-related psychiatric case in a patient

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – The physical effects of COVID-19 are coming out in overcrowded hospitals in Southern California, but there is growing concern about the psychological effects of the virus.

Research is uncovering cases of severe psychosis tied to the coronavirus.

Caring for a patient with COVID-19 in Los Angeles also led to a serious mental disorder.

Dr. Steven Siegel, a psychiatrist at USC, said: “We currently have a patient who is being treated for covid. “USC psychiatrist Dr. Said Steven Siegel.

Siegel persuaded people with disabilities because of the thoughts and feelings of the psychic experience, they lose touch with reality.

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“People believe the police are behind them or their families are trying to harm them.”

Individual reports of coronavirus-related psychiatry have been documented in medical journals. Some experts suspect that this may be due to the body’s immune response or inflammation caused by the disease.

Dr. Charles Casa is a neurologist at Loma Linda University Health.

“We see symptoms related to inflammation of the brain, which can include confusion and rarely psychosis,” he said.

Cassasa is studying the effects of COVID-19 on patients with epilepsy and has found that the virus can cause further convulsions.

“We also found that there were some patients who had no history of seizures, once they were infected with covid,” he said.

Research into how COVID-19 affects the brain is still in its early days. How long an episode of psychosis can last and who is vulnerable are all questions that need to be answered. However, Siegel says people need to keep in mind that the condition is very rare.

“This is a lot more extreme. Extreme rarity than that is something that I think people need to spend their spending time worrying about,” Siegel said. “That’s not likely to happen.”

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