A complete timeline of the effects of coronavirus on mountain biking Part 2 [Update: Malverns Classic Cancelled]

Instead of spamming your newsfeed with a steady stream of news about coronavirus, we’re going to take a page out of our sister site’s book and instead create a single page that we will update as the news arrives. Here’s everything we’ve dropped into the inbox so far:

July 17th
– The 2020 classic Malverns has been officially canceled.

The bad news from Si Paton, as he did this morning, confirmed that the 2020 Malvern Classic will be canceled for the second consecutive year. Again, it is due to issues beyond the organizer’s control, as an outbreak of COVID on a nearby farm has left the local area at risk of blockage.

We have crossed everything for Si and we hope that the third will be the expired in 2021.

mustaches GT Bicycles Malverns Classic postponed until 2021.

With great sadness we have to inform you that the festival is postponed until August of the bank holiday 2021.

Today we received a letter from the council and their concern about the recent C-19 outbreak on a farm, just 4 miles from Eastnor with almost 100 confirmed cases. ‘My recommendation is that you do not go ahead with the event at this time. The risk is too great and there is still a risk that that area may be closed when the event should occur. ‘

All spectators and runners will be reimbursed within the next seven days. Any questions, send an email to [email protected]

Thank you and again apologies for disappointing you all.

Yes paton

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