A 14-year-old man has been charged with conspiracy to kidnap Michigan’s governor

Brian Higgins, 51, of Dulles, Wisconsin, Wisconsin, has been charged with “physically supporting an act of terrorism for” allegedly participating in a local terrorism plot, including rioting at the Michigan Capitol Building and harming government officials. ” The office said in a release.

“While political rhetoric in our nation may be ambiguous at times, the United Front has encouraged me to demonstrate that our law enforcement community has responded to this indescribable act of terrorism,” Nessel said.

“This was a very credible and very serious threat to our elected officials and to the general public, and the swift action taken by state and federal officials this past week is not lacking in heroism.”

According to the arrest warrant, Higgins is charged with “providing material support or resources to a terrorist organization.”

According to the affidavit, Higgins is believed to have been “provided material support and resources to carry out terrorist acts.”

Higgins provided his night-vision goggles to monitor Whitmer’s vacation home and used a dash camera in his vehicle to record surveillance to “assist in kidnapping plans.”

The suspects in Michigan last week are suspected of trying to identify the addresses of law enforcement officers “in order to target them,” Nessel said after the arrest.

Govt.  Inside the conspiracy to kidnap Whitmer

Nessel said they threatened violence with the intent to provoke a civil war and were engaged in planning and training an operation to attack the Michigan capital building and kidnap government officials, including the governor of Michigan.

CNN Trying to determine if Higgins has an attorney.

Higgins and seven others were charged with a total of 20 state felony counts filed by Nestl.

If convicted, Higgins faces up to 20 years in prison for the act of terrorism.

Higgins was arrested Thursday in Wisconsin and will be extradited to Michigan, the news release said.

No court dates have been set yet, according to the release.