65 members of the Faculty of the Faculty of Law of AG Barr, alma mater, say that “he did not fulfill his oath”

The reprimand comes after the continuing consequences of the departure of Geoffrey Berman, the federal prosecutor expelled over the weekend by the Trump administration, and is the latest in a chorus of criticism of Barr’s actions as attorney general. Barr received his Juris Doctor degree from law school in 1977 and while serving as attorney general for then President George HW Bush, received an honorary degree from the university in 1992.

In a bipartisan statement signed by 65 professors and law school professors, the group wrote that Barr’s actions as attorney general “have undermined the rule of law, violated constitutional norms, and damaged the integrity and traditional independence of his office. and from the Department of Justice. “

Signatories to the letter include President and CEO of the National Bar Association Alfreda Robinson, and Acting Dean of the School Christopher Alan Bracey.

“[Barr] obfuscated and misled the American public about the results of Mueller’s investigation. He unfairly interfered in the daily activities of career prosecutors, and continues to do so, doubling the criminal justice system to benefit the president’s friends and target those who are perceived as his enemies, “the letter said.

CNN reached out to the Justice Department for comment Tuesday.

The group also criticized the attorney general for allegedly ordering the cleanup of protesters with police tactics ahead of President Donald Trump’s walk through Lafayette Square and the president’s subsequent photo shoot outside the San Juan Episcopal Church earlier this month.

“At a critical moment in United States history, Attorney General Barr may have been a leader in protecting the First Amendment right of Americans to express outrage at our nation’s long history of institutional racism and police brutality against people of color. Instead, Attorney General Barr is on the wrong side of history, “the statement said.

Barr’s actions, the statement continued, “have posed and continue to create a clear and present danger to the impartial administration of justice, civil liberties and the constitutional order.”

Democrats, including Virginia Senator Mark Warner, have called for Barr to step down. Judicial Chamber President Jerry Nadler, who criticized Barr for removing Berman, said Monday in an interview with MSNBC that he is planning to subpoena Barr for testimony. The New York Democrat also told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday that he believes accusing Barr of the measure would be a “waste of time” and would instead consider withholding $ 50 million from the Justice Department in an effort to punish to the attorney general.

“I don’t think the impeachment appeals are more premature than the president’s impeachment appeals were premature, but they are a waste of time right now,” Nadler said in “State of the Union.” “We have seen a … Barr pattern that corrupts all of these investigations, so this is more of the same.”

In February, more than 2,000 former Justice Department officials signed a statement calling for the attorney general to resign.

CNN’s Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb contributed to this report.