460 more Covid-19 cases, 27,583 vaccinations were reported Saturday in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Health Department on Saturday administered 10 more deaths and 27,583 more vaccines in the state, with 460 more confirmed cases of Covid-19 reported.

Ut 384,173 since the onset of that epidemic. Cases account for 2,101 deaths and 1,59,111 vaccinations in Utah. Of those vaccines, 470,905 Utahns are considered “complete” vaccines – meaning they received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson shot.

In the last week, an average of 411 cases have been reported daily in the state and the positive test rate is 7. test%. There are currently 137 reported hospitalizations, including 56 in intensive care, due to COVID-19.

Saturday’s number comes as a further 14,289 tests were taken in Utah. Six of the 10 deaths reported on Saturday occurred before March 1, according to the health department. 10 deaths include:

  • Bea Beaver County man Bea, aged 45 to Bea, was hospitalized when he died.
  • A Davis County man between the ages of 45 and 64, who was hospitalized
  • A Salt Lake County man, aged 45 and 64, was hospitalized
  • Davis County woman over 85, a long-term care facility resident
  • Salt Lake County resident over 85, a long-term care facility resident
  • A Salt Lake County woman over 85 who was a resident of a long-term care facility
  • The Utah County woman, over 85, was not hospitalized at the time of her death
  • Utah County woman over 85, resident of a long-term care facility
  • 65-year-old and 84-year-old Washington Washington County man who was not hospitalized at the time of his death
  • Weber County woman, aged 45 to 64, who was hospitalized

The health department’s coronavirus website says Utah currently has five long-term care facilities with an active spread among residents.

As of Wednesday, all Utahns aged 16 and over are eligible to make an appointment to be vaccinated against COVID-19. More information is available at coronavirus.utah.gov/vaccine-distribution.

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