Monthly Archives: March 2021

And now, for some extremely high-def video game holes

Have you ever played a video game and thought to yourself, “Boy, do I wish I could stop shooting at this enemy’s face and instead admire my character’s skin on an almost microscopic level?” Good, good news, Buffalo Bill. Atomic Heart, The open world first-purse shooter that looks like a …

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Ejection system accidentally kills 3 Russian bomber pilots

MOSCOW (AP) – Three members of a Russian bomber’s air crew died Tuesday when their ejection seats were accidentally activated during a preflight check, the military said. The Russian Defense Ministry said the incident took place at an airbase in the Kaluga region, 145 kilometers (90 miles) southwest of Moscow. …

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The IRS qualifies more people

Getty Images by Samuel Quorum / Bloomberg The IRSA on Tuesday issued guidelines on new unemployment tax breaks that make more people eligible for benefits. The American Rescue Plan waives federal taxes of up to, 10,200 on unemployment benefits collected per person last year. But the 1. 1.9 trillion Covid …

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