2021 Ford F-150 opens Thursday with Denis Leary, this is how it looks

Ford’s 14th generation F-150 debuts Thursday.


Ford will remove the wraps from its 2021 F-150 truck on Thursday, June 25, and in this COVID-19 was, that means debut won’t be in a crowded arena or auditorium full of media and special guests, will take the form of a broadcast online presentation. As America’s best-selling vehicle and the lynchpin of the automaker’s earnings, what is at stake for this new truck could not be greater. The launch event for the 14th generation of the F Series will be hosted by Denis Leary, the actor and comedian who has been the voice of Ford Trucks since the mid-2000s.

With his brave and stray demeanor, Leary has always played the role of the blue-collar man in films like The Ref and The Thomas Crown Affair and television series like his recently concluded FX Network Rescue Me drama, all of which seems to have been. made A natural fit for a truck spokesman. But as Leary told me in a phone interview on Tuesday, he has also been a truck owner and heavy duty user for a long time: “My wife [writer Ann Leary] She is a woman of horses, so I have always been dragging horses, leading them, dragging them from one place to another. So we actually use our truck and take away the light of day. So I’m actually a customer, “he said. The Leary family currently owns a F-250 Super Duty.

For the past few days, Leary has been working with Ford shooting 2021. F-150 reveal presentation and other promotional materials. Given the pandemic, the process has been a bit non-traditional: “We were filming in strange circumstances, so we had to distance ourselves socially, and we are in a very large space and the cameras are a bit far,” he said.

Denis Leary has been a Ford spokesperson since the mid-2000s.

Denis Leary

While we don’t have detailed information on the format of the F-150 reveal event on Thursday 2021, it is clear that during the broadcast, Leary interviews Ford customers about their own trucks and how they use them. When I asked Leary how he feels about vans ranging from basic work tools to luxury lifestyle vehicles, he said, “Some of the customers were talking about this on camera – you stop using it just for things from work, or hauling horses, whatever the reason you have it. The next thing you know is like, ‘We go out to dinner, let’s take the truck.’ That takes people to work on their truck, spend recreational time in his truck, so it was only a matter of time … I’m from the old school. I wasn’t thinking about luxury when I thought about trucks. But then after a while, you start saying, ‘Hi, I’m using this vehicle all the time, why don’t you have the same things I have in my car? ‘ ”

While today’s F-150 offers a range of high-content premium models, including the Limited, Platinum, and King Ranch models, as the oldest of today’s full-size domestic trucks, the 13th F-150 generation that has departed so far has given up some of the industry’s luxury space for Ram’s 1500, which offers elegant options like air suspension and a massive 12-inch infotainment screen, along with higher-quality materials. Improving the premium feel and amenities in the new Ford F-150 2021 is expected to be a key focus for the new generation. On Thursday, it was reported that the new series F feature a new flat “sleeping seat” that mimics a first-class aerial experience. Spy photos suggest the truck is also expected to receive Synchronize 4 infotainment with over-the-air update capabilities and an enlarged display.

For his part, Leary maintains a working relationship with the Blue Oval beyond his voice-over and screen work. The automaker has been a supporter of The Denis Leary Foundation, an actor-started nonprofit organization to help U.S. firefighters receive new equipment and training, as well as help the families of those who have lost life in public service.

While most of the public attention around Ford has been focused on upcoming new models like the Mustang Mach-E and Cerril foalThe 2021 F-150 is the model Ford needs to be more successful than any other. In addition to the uncompromising Blue Oval and industry watchers, Wall Street will take a close look at Thursday’s reveal. Regardless of how the procedures are going, Ford has at least one customer waiting for his new truck: “I knew as soon as I saw it, I thought, ‘That’s the color I want.'” And I know the color my wife will want, and I know there will be an argument, “Leary joked.

The all-new Ford F-150 2021 will debut Thursday at 5pm PT / 8pm ET, and you can tune in right here to view the company’s YouTube feed below.