Monthly Archives: June 2020

Whale sharks have eyeballs covered in small teeth

A whale shark Image: AP (AP) Marine biologists in Japan say whale sharks have eyeballs covered in tiny teeth, in a unique discovery of this huge but gentle aquatic species Teeth are typically used to describe our upper canines.but new investigation published in PLOS One describes the teeth of one …

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Texans Offer Refund, Other Options for Ticket Holders

Texans have informed season ticket holders of their renewed refund policy and other ticket options that are targeting a season that is expected to be heavily affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In an email, Texans told fans that they have the option to take a year off to purchase their …

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Discord rebrands to get away from games

In practical terms, what rebranding means for current users and, more specifically, new Discord users is a “simplified” onboarding experience and updated templates that make it easy to configure a server. In the future, there will also be fewer pranks within the app benchmark games “to make sure everyone can …

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