‘1 Rabbit Saw 6 Elephants’ Riddle solved; check answer inside


Amid the coronavirus outbreak, various games, puzzles, riddles, and challenges have sprung up on the Internet. They’ve gone viral in a short time as people have been looking for different and fun ways to connect. Therefore, puzzles and quizzes are becoming popular during the closing period in the country. They are making rounds in the WhatsApp groups.

From Bollywood movie riddles to general knowledge questions to fun challenges, it’s all been going around on social media. People have been sharing this with their loved ones. Among many of them, “1 rabbit saw 6 elephant puzzles” has garnered many responses and different responses. This difficult question is not just about math, it also tests basic English skills. Therefore, we have found the peculiar riddle and mentioned it for you to solve. Have a look.

Here’s the 1 rabbit saw 6 elephant puzzles

1 rabbit saw 6 elephants while going to the river. Each elephant saw 2 monkeys going to the river. Each monkey has 1 parrot each. How many animals go to the river?

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1 rabbit saw the response of 6 elephants

Although this puzzle has countless different answers. However, we have found the most common along with the most logical explanation that goes with it. Here is 1 rabbit that saw the response of 6 elephants.

1 rabbit saw 6 elephants the answer would be 3.

Here is the explanation for 1 rabbit saw 6 elephant’s riddle answer

1 rabbit saw 6 elephants while going to the river. Therefore, only the rabbit goes to the river and not the elephants. Now each elephant sees 2 monkeys. This implies that each elephant witnesses 2 same monkeys, which go to the river. The next line says that each money has a parrot on hand. A parrot is considered a bird, not an animal. So the total number of animals going to the river and 1 rabbit saw the answer to the 6 elephant puzzle is 3.

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