You won’t need a Disney Plus to see Mulan starting next week

For anyone who wants to see Mulan But not wanting to sign up for Disney Plus, the movie will depart for Amazon, Fendango, Voodoo and other digital retailers on October 6th. The film is currently. Available on preorder for 29.99.

Mulan Released on Disney Plus on September 4 as “Premier Access”. Disney Plus subscribers can spend an additional 30 30 to own the film. However to keep this movie, they had to keep their Disney Plus subscription, which costs 99 6.99 a month. Now, Disney is making the movie available (for purchase) to anyone, anywhere. Mulan S.D., H.D. Or available to preorder in D or UHD.

Disney’s decision to move Mulan, Which was originally intended for theatrical release, came at a crucial moment for the Disney Plus company. Like other studios, Disney’s theater slate was hit hard by the COVID-19 epidemic. While some movies were delayed until 2021, including Marvel Black widow, Mulan Became an experiment for Disney – people for a new, anticipated movie? Will pay 30? More importantly, will it keep people subscribing to Disney Plus right now, one of the company’s only growing areas?

“We were very happy to be able to bring that Mulan At our consumer base, which has been waiting a long time, because we unfortunately had to move our theatrical date too many times, ”CEO Bob Chappeck said on the earnings call.

No numbers have been released for Disney Mulan, Makes it hard to guess how well or how poor the film has been on Disney Plus. Christine McCarthy, Disney’s chief financial officer, said at a recent conference that the company was “very pleased with what it saw in the four-day weekend”, according to the report. Bloomberg, But the actual figures will have to wait until Disney’s next earnings call.

What is clear is that Disney, like other studios, is trying to figure out how to deal with the unprecedented uncertainty in the filmmaking and distribution markets due to the epidemic. Warner Bros. ‘ Tenet Some decent revenue was seen internationally but due to the limited opening of the theater the U.S. Failed to perform well in. Many locations in major markets such as Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco remain closed – and moviegoers are reluctant to go back to the limits of indoor theater – trying to find an alternative to large budget projects is a major challenge. Next.

so Mulan Moved to Disney Plus in the first place, and why more movies could be moved to streaming. Comedian true Baron Cohen’s next Borat The sequel is set to hit Amazon Prime Video later this month. Still, for those who don’t want to buy Mulan But be interested in checking it out, the film will be available to stream as a regular title from December 4 on Disney Plus.