‘You Won’t Be Absolutely Sure’: Expert Warns Against Arizona Megachurch Claim That It Can Eliminate Coronavirus Before Trump Demonstration

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An Arizona megachurch where President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally has claimed it has technology to clean the air from the coronavirus.

This statement was made by Pastor Luke Barnett at Dream City Church in a Twitter video before Tuesday’s rally.

“Hello, gang. We have interesting information on what we are doing to fight Covid-19 here at Dream City Church,” said the pastor, alleging that the church is the “first” in the nation to develop technology to fight Covid- 19.

Called “CleanAir EXP,” this technology was “developed by some members of our church” and was done so that it could kill 99.9 percent of the virus in 10 minutes, according to Brendon Zastrow, the church’s chief operating officer.

Technology is supposed to be able to accomplish this feat through the ionization of air particles, where it separates Covid-19 from other particles and makes it inhospitable for the virus to live.

Dream City Church, located in Phoenix, released the video on the technology as it prepares for a Student meeting for Trump on Tuesday and for the President to speak at church in the afternoon. The technology, while not scientifically proven to work, aimed to lessen the concerns of people who choose to attend.

“So you can know that when you come here you will be safe and secure,” said Barnett.

The church has around 3,000 seats and was expected to be filled with events focused on the president and his campaign.

While the technology has potentially worked in a controlled laboratory environment, health experts are not convinced that it can work in that large space with people gathered.

“The short answer to your question is NO, YOU WILL NOT BE ABSOLUTELY SAFE AND PROTECTED. When it comes to hundreds or thousands of people in an AUDITORIUM, some of them will carry the virus, “said Dr. Philip Tierno, clinical professor of pathology at New York University. Phoenix New Times in an email

The CleanAir EXP system, built by a Phoenix-based company of the same name, uses a filter unit combined with a sensor to work in conjunction with the air conditioning of any building.

The product is supposed to “clean the indoor air of allergens, pathogens, odors, smoke, mold, ozone and harmful chemicals,” which includes “99.9 percent of coronavirus particles in the air.”

The company, after receiving an influx of requests from the media, modified its claim to claim that the machine could “safely remove 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria,” the Daily Beast reported.

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego issued a statement about the rally on Monday to inform residents that her office did not approve of the meeting.

“The event was not sanctioned or allowed by the City of Phoenix, since the city does not allow political events. Also, it does not meet current CDC guidelines during Covid-19, ”the statement read.

Attendees of the rally on Tuesday would receive a mask on the staff door, according to the church, a move highly recommended by the city. Temperature controls will also be carried out.

“Everyone who attends tomorrow’s event, particularly any elected official, should set an example for residents wearing a mask. This includes the president, ”said the mayor in her statement.