You are not going to like these renders of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The folding phone segment of the smartphone market is still in its early days. A couple of things that Unhappy Samsung Galaxy Fold users are expected to improve with the next generation of the device. Many were not happy with the Galaxy Fold’s external display, which was only 4.6 inches. When opened, the device became a 7.3-inch tablet. But many found that the large external display bezels made it difficult to use for all but the most basic tasks. And using the largest tablet-sized screen on the run wasn’t always convenient.

A group of renderings of Galaxy Fold 2 shows a long “strip” screen on the front of the phone

For those who were expecting a bigger external screen for the sequel, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news came from ETNews a couple of weeks ago when he said that the exterior screen of the The Galaxy Fold 2 will weigh 6.23 inches with a resolution of 819 x 2267. The 24.9: 9 aspect ratio reveals a very tall and thin screen and the screen represents a larger percentage of the phone’s external body. Not surprisingly, the external display will have an old-school 60Hz refresh rate.

ETNews says the internal screen will measure 7.7 inches and have a resolution of 1689 x 2213. It will use ultra-thin glass and will have a refresh rate of 120Hz. That means the screen will refresh 120 times per second, allowing users to enjoy smooth scrolling and enhanced video game animations. Both external and internal screens will have a selfie selfie.

The bad news comes from Renders published by Pigtou which are based on a patent application made by Samsung to the World Intellectual Patent Organization (WIPO). The illustrations accompanying the patent entitled “Electronic Device Including Flexible Display and Hinge Structure” show a “strip” display on the front of the device. In the unlikely event that Samsung uses something like this design for the Galaxy Fold 2’s external display, you’ll see a rebellion from even Sammy’s most loyal customers. The patent also shows illustrations of a hinge system that resembles that used in the Galaxy Z Flip. A regulatory filing document reveals that the combined battery capacity on the Galaxy Fold 2 equals 4,365 mAh compared to 4,380 mAh for the OG Galaxy Fold.

As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, the OG Galaxy Fold had two problems that bothered consumers. One was the external display, and the other was the offset notch and the large bezels on the internal display. Tipster Ice Universe (@universeice) tweeted over the weekend that the Galaxy Fold 2’s bezel will measure just 3.8mm wide and the offset notch will be replaced with a 4.8-inch hole for the selfie snapper. Therefore, renders that show the scroll notch are probably not reliable. Other renders based on ETNews specifications are probably more legitimate.

Let’s hope that this year Samsung has everything tested, double and triple before sending units to influencers. A few days before Samsung launched the first foldable produced by a major manufacturer, the company temporarily canceled the launch after influencers accidentally discovered various issues with the phone. First, despite Samsung’s warnings not to remove a plastic film from the internal screen, some influencers did, which broke the screen. The film resembled the protective cover that smartphones are factory equipped with, so in their defense, influencers probably didn’t think they were doing something wrong (despite Samsung’s warning). Some discovered that debris was being absorbed through openings at the top and bottom of the hinge, causing a bump to form on the screen. Samsung fixed these issues and a few others, and the phone launched five months late.

Despite a high price approaching $ 2,000, Samsung is believed to have increased between 400.00 and 500,000 units, generating $ 800 million to $ 1 billion in Galaxy Fold revenue last year.