You added 2 new cast members to Season 3 recently

Season three You The shape is up.

Netflix Just announced Two new cast members have been added to the murder drama on each side of TV’s most terrifying relationship.

Shalita Grant The street will play, “a ‘mom-flence’, who appears down to earth, but is really a Pisces girl who just pretends to welcome Love [Victoria Pedretti] In his social circle. ”

Travis Van Winkle “Rich Carrie plays, which invites inv [Penn Badgley] In its inner circle. ”

There are so many circles going on here!

Not much is known yet about the three seasons of the Netflix hit, but we can make some guesses based on the surprise that was completed last December, JJ and Love settled in a small house while they were waiting for their daughter. For birth. Of course that little house was right next to the house of a beautiful sunbathing woman, who seemed to be taking Joe’s attention away from her baby’s mother, but who’s to wonder? Certainly not us.