Yazan’s dad kicks him out, fires at Brittany Him ‘I had to stay on the street’

Yazan and Brittany have made a dramatic journey so far 90 Day Fiance: Another Way. Their biggest issues stem from their rigid cultural differences. In the next episode of Sunday, Yazan’s father puts his foot down when it comes to his son’s relationship with Brittany.

Brittany and Yazan
’90 Day Fianc ” stars Brittany and Yazan | T.L.C.

Yazan’s parents wanted Yazan and Brittany to get married quickly

Yazan’s parents have been wanting to marry Yazan and Brittany since the beginning of their relationship. According to their religious beliefs, Brittany and Yazan are not supposed to live together or together until they get married.

In an initial interview, Brittany told Yazan’s parents that she was looking forward to the wedding until her father was present. But the real reason they had to wait was because Brittany was not officially divorced from her ex.

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Yazan’s parents have also made it clear from the outset how important it is for Brittany to convert to Islam. Brittany has said she will only convert if she thinks she really wants to. She doesn’t want to start practicing a new religion for her spouse’s family partner.

Yazan’s parents no longer allow Brittany

When Brittany returned to Chicago to complete her divorce papers, a lot changed between Yazan and her family. In Sunday’s episode, we Yazan tells his friend Mohammed that his parents will not bless him. Apparently, they changed their minds after seeing Brittany on social media.

“After Brittany left, I sat down with my father,” Yazan tells Mohammed. “We sat down and he started talking about Brittany. He said he was not accepting the whole marriage. He doesn’t want to. He started asking about social media. ”

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Yazan says her relatives sent her parents revealing photos that Brittany had posted on social media.

“Those are old pictures, Mohammed,” Yazne said. “She started telling me she was playing with me, she didn’t want to marry me. They think she’s just lying to me. “

Yazan’s father kicked him

Despite Yazan’s efforts to defend Brittany, her father said that if she went ahead and wanted to get married without his consent, she would be kicked out of the house and lose her job at the fish market.

“I spent the first night with my uncle. After that, I had to stay on the street for two days, ”he said. “Then I rented an apartment and looked for work. I don’t talk to anyone. I spend time alone. I swear, Mohammed, this has been the hardest time, indeed I have been the hardest. “

90 Day Fiance: Another Way Sunday night at 8 p.m.