Yakuza director praises Tsushima’s ghost, says Japan should have done it

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Screenshot: Sucker Punch / Sony

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Toshihiro Nagoshi, Sega executive director of the Yakuza games it has a lot of good things to say about Ghost of tsushima.

Ghost of tsushima is a worldwide success, and has been Well received in Japan. In a recent Sega livestream (via Hachima), Nagoshi was asked about his thoughts on the success of the game.

“To be honest, we [Japan] They were hit, “he replied with a smile.” Yes, of course, we are losing. Honestly, I think it is a game that should be done in Japan. ” But, he continued, it can be said that the developers did a lot of research.

Not everything in the game is accurate, like even the basic, not historical, things like when certain flowers bloom is wrong. As I mentioned earlier, there are things that the game breaks down over the period of time (making sake, for example) However, this game is not a historical documentary, which is also true for many Japanese-made TV shows and movies, which also take tremendous liberties with the story, just like Hollywood movies. But yes yesucker Punch researched, visited Tsushima, and worked with Japanese partners and consultants while developing the game to create something that Japanese players could really enjoy..

Nagoashi found the game very impressive and, for him, not just on the surface. “Kurosawa mode not only changes color [to black and white]but it takes a more technical approach by appropriately changing the number of frames to that of older movies. ”

“Foreign that tickle the Japanese more than the Japanese they are … quite amazing, right? Nagoshi added: “There is a notion that Westerners don’t understand things (about Japan), but that hypothesis itself is wrong.”

The Sega executive also praised other elements about the game, including directional wind, and how the game offers players the ability to explore naturally while balancing a story without a heavy guiding hand. “It is great,” he said.

Illustration for article titled iYakuza / i Director Praises Tsushima / i's iGhost, Says Japan Should Have

Screenshot: Sega

“I don’t know the actors who did the motion capture, but the care given to their expressions is impressive,” Nagoshi continued, adding that their performances were outstanding. He was also impressed with the looks and glances the characters give during the scenes. He noted that at Sega, this was something his team was aiming for, explaining that such details take a long time.

“The protagonist [Jin] not a particularly attractive track, don’t you think? In its typical [Japanese] company, if you showed concept art for a character like him, I don’t think it’s approved. “The marketing team, he continued, would offer all of this data indicating why that main character was a bad idea, and that would be the end of a protagonist like Jin Nagoshi thought it was surprising that this protagonist was the main character: “All this money and development time is being spent on this middle-aged guy.” He applauded the resolve to entrust things to that character. For what Nagoshi said It doesn’t seem like that is possible in Japan. Perhaps you think game companies would prefer a younger protagonist, which is certainly more common in Japanese games.

“There are a lot of things I bow my head to, like aiming to establish a game in that time period … it could go on and on,” Nagoshi said. “I feel a sincere sense of a job well done.”

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