Xbox Series X – Software Features on the Next-Gen Console

The Xbox Series X is definitely a revolutionary console. It is a significant upgrade from its predecessors in the industry. It is 4 times more powerful than the Xbox One X and 8 times more powerful than the original 2013 Xbox One.

This is because processor technology is advancing by leaps and bounds in just a few years. Xbox Series X has taken advantage of all the new hardware components to turn it into a gaming machine beast. Here are the 3 newest and coolest features that harness the full power of the Xbox Series X.

Quick resume on the Xbox X series

This is perhaps the most convenient new feature on the new Xbox. Quick-Resume allows the player to jump between games while in the middle of the game. Progress and games are saved in a suspended state and can be resumed at any time.

This is possible due to the incredibly fast solid state drive on the new Xbox. This, along with 16 Gigabytes of extremely fast RAM, allows you to jump from one game to another. This also goes smoothly, with no more than 4 seconds of load / wait time.

It is unclear whether or not there is a limit to the number of games that can run in parallel in the background, or whether having too many games in the background will hinder performance.

However, this feature can fundamentally change the way games are played, as there will now be minimal or no load times, and players will be able to fully immerse themselves on their consoles.

HDR reconstruction and ray tracing

In simple terms, High Dynamic Range (HDR) essentially makes lighting more realistic in rendered environments. HDR Reconstruction is new to Xbox, affecting even older games. On Xbox Series X, older games (without HDR enabled) can now be played with a rebuilt form of HDR implemented in gaming environments.

This means that older games will now look much better on the newer console, with better and more realistic environments.

This new feature is a massive draw, as it effectively updates old games and gives them a better image and ray tracing, making them much better to play.

Ray Tracing is also a completely new feature, which makes games visually more attractive. Microsoft showed a new version of Minecraft with ray tracing (the version that was recently made available on the PC). The feature allows light rays to react more realistically to the environment, creating more immersive worlds and games.

The Xbox Series X is undoubtedly a beast of a gaming system. It surely has many more interesting features, which will be revealed soon.

Stay tuned to this space for more news on Xbox Series X.