Xbox Live Games with Gold makes new games free for 2021

Xbox Live Gold subscribers have two new free games to download and play, from gold to gold with games. January is here, which means Xbox Live Gold’s first free games of 2021 are also here. From now until the end of the month, all Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download and play Tiny nightmares, One of the best games of 2017 and a game to get a sequel next month. Meanwhile, there is another free game Twelfth King of Fighters, Which started back a decade ago in 2010. The former is an Xbox One game that can be played with backward compatibility on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, while the latter is suitable for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series Xbox 360 games. He said, while Tiny nightmares Free for the whole month, Twelfth King of Fighters Free until January 15.

As always, these freebies are limited to Xbox Live Gold subscribers and are permanent downloads. In other words, once downloaded, both games are yours to keep forever as long as you maintain an active subscription. If your subscription expires, you will not be able to subscribe or purchase until you have been locked out of both games.

Obviously, there is a more significant game here Tiny nightmares, Which was presented by TCR Studios and Bandai Namco for critical acclaim and strong sales.

Little nightmares: “Immerse yourself in it Tiny nightmares, A dark eccentric story that will make you face the fears of your childhood! Help M Six escape – a huge, mysterious ship, inhabited by corrupt spirits in search of their next meal. As you progress on your journey, discover the most uncomfortable doll that prison offers to release and a playground full of mysteries to discover. Reunite with your inner child to let go of your imagination and find a way! “

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