WWE SmackDown Results, Recap, Grade: Roman Reigns, who continue to attack Kevin Owens

T.L.C. After losing to Roman Reagans in and again in a steel cage match on Christmas night, Kevin Owens is not ready to give up the pursuit of the universal champion. As it was clear in Friday’s SmackDown edition, Owens is again calling for his cowardice to help his cousin, G Uso, win his previous matches.

In the main event of the night Owens will get his wish and face So Sono, winning before Assault continues the next match. As has happened in his feud with the Rhines and over, however, the Numbers game will return to bite Owens and end the second edition of SmackDown and knock him out.

Rule, uso re ens nsmart Owens

Roman Reigns opened the show with an in-ring promo, about which Paul Heyman and G. Uso are now turning to gold to see how it all touches. Rings said he saved the U.S. from being cast aside by the WWE, placing it as the best year of his career and a true main-event talent. Kevin Owens then interrupted when Raines objected, saying that no one cared what Owens said after losing to him twice. Owens said his appearance on the show proves that the regime and the U.S. failed in their attempts to destroy him. Owens said he doesn’t want to do anything with the Rains tonight, but wants Uson in the ring and will demand that it happen later in the show. After initial hesitation, Pierce agreed and Owens enthusiastically appealed to Adam Purse to make the match. The regime demanded that Heyman find out who disrespected him enough to allow the match.

Kevin Owens Def. By Jin Uso Pinfall After a stunning. The match jumped to a scuffle, but Owens eventually took things and focused his attack on Uso’s legs. “Roman, where are you?” Before turning to the camera to ask M, Owens will finish so gold after an amazing win. He then proceeded to shoot Uson, whom he had promised early in the night, attacking him and killing another Stunner. Owens handcuffed Uso to the rope before hitting him with a superkick, while he was calling on the Rains to show all pride and save his family. Owens took Uso to the entrance ramp and was putting a hundred through on the table when attacked by the Rhine. So So and Riggs worked on Owens with a pair of steel chairs and tossed him through the tables below to end the show from the Thunderdom’s LED board area.

While everyone involved continues to do well, there needs to be something different with the story at some point. Ons is constantly putting himself in a position where his numbers are low and clearly being shot is not really doing anything to move the story forward. Yes, Raines needs Uso to help him and, yes, Owens is trying to run home because Raines is a coward. But Owens doesn’t develop a story that says this and then falls into the same traps every week, or makes him look particularly smart. However, it was solid if the material was taken in isolation. Grade: b

What else happened on WWE SmackDown?

Big E Def. King Corbin by incompetence After the intervention of Sami Zen. Zen was on the commentary and ran to break the pin after hitting the Big Ending on the Big EA Corbin. The Knights of Lone Wolf’s Corbin also came running, attacking the Big E, until the Apollo crew ran to save. This, of course, led to an immediate tag match.

Big E and Apollo Cruze Def. Sami Zen and King Corbin by Pinfall After the crew kills Zion with a sit-out powerbomb. As the crew proceeded out of the way, Zane almost knocked down Corbin with a heluva kick. After an argument between fellow players, Corbyn left Zion alone and the crew quickly hit a sitout-out powerbomb for the win. Later in the show, Big EA said it would present an open challenge for the Intercontinental title next week, which the crew accepted.

Riot Squad Def. By Timina and Natalya Pinfall While Liv Morgan pinned Tamina with a roll-up. Billy was supposed to wrestle, but after she got in and got support from Tamina, she came out in Natalya’s favor. Kay tried to manage the team instead. When the momentum flowed, that Wright ran to manage the squad. She continued to turn to the side until she distracted Tamina by her involvement and did not allow Morgan to roll up Tamina for the win.

Carmella and Belle Def. Bianca Baller and Sasha Banks by Pinfall Then after Carmella hit Banks with Facebook. The banks locked Carmela in a statement from the banks but Reginald intervened to pull Carmela out of the ring. This caused a disturbance which allowed Carmella to cut out the banks for victory.

Sonia Devil made her return Loser Leaves at SummerSlam after losing a WWE match. The Devil was announced to be re-established and was shown running in the backstage area.

Street Profits hosted a smoke-touching New Year’s Day. As they made predictions for 2021, mocking Sammy Zane, Robert Rude and Dolph Ziegler, Rude and Ziegler came running and attacked the SmackDown tag tag champion, brutally attacking Montez Ford’s leg with a steel chair.

Daniel Bryan and Otis Def. Caesar and Shinsuk Nakmura by submission When Brian put Nakamura in the label lock. Cesaro and Nakamura mocked Brian, Otis and Chad Gable as they were training for the Royal Rumble early in the night, which would propel the match forward. After a bit of action, Brian caught up to meet Nakamura.