Would you buy OnePlus Nord if you came to the United States?

Maybe OnePlus will come back to your senses and give us OnePlus Nord in the US and not just through that weird beta program where you hardly have a chance to test a phone. Maybe they won’t. They probably won’t. I don’t know, man, I just wish they did. OnePlus Nord is an incredible package for the price they charge abroad.

I keep looking at the spec list, then the price, and then I think of all the other Snapdragon 765 phones this phone is competing with. Would you buy a Galaxy A71 5G over Nord? Hey, probably not. Would you buy the LG Velvet over Nord? God no, not with that 60Hz display and software for $ 599. The Pixel 5 is likely to have this same chip and a possible price tag of $ 699. Would you really spend $ 300 more just to get the Pixel experience and camera from Google? Wow, that’s hard.

While I’m sure OnePlus has legitimate reasons to skip the US, it still feels like a missed opportunity. I don’t know if they have been fully delivered to the operators right now and the margins are too tight in Nord for the operators connection, if their numbers show ever decreasing unlocked phone sales in the US, or if they really aren’t ready for launch outside India or Europe.

This seems like such an easy phone to launch. We are still experiencing a pandemic in the US, however, here is a budget phone that is hundreds less than comparable devices. This is the perfect device for a time when people aren’t necessarily interested in spending $ 1,000 on a phone.

If OnePlus Nord came here, would you buy it?

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