World Series 2020 – Clayton Kershaw repairs his playoff legacy with a 5 game win

LINLINGTON, TEXAS – Ali Raza’s Atomic Bundle, 5, Calli Kersho, allows space everywhere around the room, under the table and on its side, side by side. Her younger brother, Charlie, tried to keep up – his father, Clayton Kershaw, felt the need to apologize. “You guys are crazy,” he said.

It was almost 30 minutes to win Game 5 of the 116th World Series, his second victory in a row that pushed the Los Angeles Dodgers to the brink of their first championship in more than three decades. Her hair is long, her beard is always ruffled, her face is still cherub, her resolve is firm, Kershawa didn’t look her best, and she’s fine. Afterwards, Kali told her that she was proud of him, and that was plenty.

A guy stays stuck for a long time, and you see him become the man he was supposed to be. Kershaw is 32 years old, his chief, a craftsman rather than a former winner. Yet, our great athletes have an almost inevitable instinct to measure up against what they once were and even though they have an almost inevitable tendency to consider the idea of ​​what they should be, it always felt inappropriate. Because for every unicorn that watches and wins Father Time, another hundred learn the vagueness of age, regression, and the infinity of the clock.

The acceptance phase is the toughest, and the same Kerosh, the worst October reputation on this side of the house that gives out the mound on Halloween, lives on today. It’s not the same as it once was, and it doesn’t have to be as it prompted Dampers to win 4-2 against Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday. The win embarrassed one of the Dodgers’ first championship victories since 1988, and Kershaw was so close that none of his pitching peers could come close to the size of his ring.

Here’s what Kershaw did: Good enough, that is, when someone is surrounded by the talents that the doctors have, they are very good. He is capable of excellence, and he is perceived for failure, and he is usually closer than the latter. It does not characterize Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Kersh and and October Kerch, transmogifing into the lucky animal when the lander turns. It’s guilty, needs to be handled carefully, reliability is more than anything.

He is, in other words, the Father. Every October, it seems, it reminds us because Kershaw is the father’s sort who brings his kids to the podium after good days. In 2017, when he still has the blessed hand that spread the lightning, Kali sat down with him at the postgame news conference for the first time. In 2018, Charlie joined them. Nowhere to be seen in 2019, as Kershaw will not dare to expose them to the Bezab of Lane defect, which broke it close last year. He blew the lead, blew the series, and he said: “Everything people say is true right now about the postseason.”

What they said was that it wasn’t for October October, that he was a smoker, or that he didn’t have what he took. No matter what he said, Kershaw never believed it. No one reaches the heights he has – three National League Psy Young Awards, an MVP Award, a regular-season career ARA of 2.43 – without confirmation of his ways. If there is an October October bug, be it mental or physical, it will not be impenetrable. It was a pot, and the pot feels its way.

This post is a reunion of Ason Sun Kershaw. Together, 309 innings, 23 hits, 5 walks and 37 strikeouts with 2.93 ERA and 4 wins. In Game 5 of the World Series, 5 innings, 5 hits, 2 runs, 2 walks and 6 strikeouts. It is the work of Yooman for someone whose greatest feature is not only what his left hand can produce but the diligence taken to ensure that it is produced on his punishment.

Appreciated by the Globe Life Field on Sunday, most of the 11,437 dodgers wore blue and Kershaw was left on his last outing, possibly the last of 2020: the standing ovation. He took a 0-0 lead. He worked around the third inning in which he got a pair. He turned the no-out-mess mess with a first and third in the fourth in a small escape action, when he heard first baseman Max Muncie screaming the final out of the inning: “Step!”

Behind Kershaw’s back, Rays outfielder Manuel Margot took off on a dead sprint, as Lonnie Smith did in 1982 after attempting to steal straight home in a World Series game. Kershaw fired the ball from the camera, catcher Austin Barnes just got the time. Swipe the tag inch before Margot’s fingers slide off the plate. In the fifth, Kershaw broke the all-time record for strikeouts in the postseason. Coming in sixth, he turned two pitches into two outs when he climbed up the pit jers manager Dave Roberts dugout steps and walked towards the mound.

Good luck Roberts was interesting: Booze. Not just cutouts or hisses. Real, real, loud booze from every corner of the stadium. It was October, and Dodgers fans were excited that Clayton Kershaw was out of the game. So the Dodgers were infielders. They told Roberts to stick with Kershaw. He refused. They want Kershaw to believe in his best self. Roberts believed Kershaw had done a lot of work.

Kershaw was coming off the hill, excitement began. They grew louder. 5⅔ Innings, two run outs are not usually the thing from which ovations are made, although they are rarely made from fastbies that come within a 91 mile range. This was thanks not only to Game 5, but to caring enough to make Game 5 possible – to curb the bizarre weirdness of the epidemic and not to resign to the story that others wanted to write for it.

“It feels so good. It feels so good,” Kershaw said. “Anytime you can have success in the postseason, that’s what it means. You work for this. This is the same month you play. I know what the other end of it looks like. I’ll definitely take it. When I get it. Can. “

Turning to Roberts’ loss brought another wave of jeers, even though it was all a plan, however, Kershav’s plan was developed to make sense, because for him age may have the opposite relationship with talent, but he has direct wisdom. . Kershaw, always a dog rival, always wants more. He simply admits that more is not always possible or appropriate.

Roberts’ fortunes are tied with Kershaw. They’ve shared some of their worst moments, and because of that, Roberts didn’t stray from his plan to face Kershav between 21 and 24 batters. After his 22nd hitter, throwing 85 pitches, for 56 of those strikes, on the slider that saw most of the better days, Kershaw turned the ball over to Dustin Main, whose fastball ball registers 10 miles higher than Cashshow on a radar gun.

“He just grinded,” Roberts said. “He got himself to that point. And I will say, it wasn’t his best thing, but he found a way out, and I give him all the credit.”



Jock Pederson and Max Muncie hit solo home runs, while Clayton Kershaw struck out six batsmen in the Ray against the Dodgers ’game 5 wins.

Anyone who sees this as a pedestrian, as he himself was abandoned a long time ago, was not standard, mind you: whatever Kersha does now, minimizes, she is still extraordinarily impressive. It’s just less obvious. It is a three-dimensional view of a clock – where it is at the time, what are the reasonable expectations for it and how it has evolved – that gravitate towards the simplest assessment in the world, which is to digest numbers and spit them out.

There is no exemption for these cursors. It failed in October. He has blown up games, series, tuo. In Game 5 of the 2017 World Series against Houston, the Dodgers may have a ring due to his fuss. In Game 5 of the 2018 World Series against Boston, he could not stop the coronation of the Red Sox. In Game 5 of the 2020 World Series, however, on the second day of Reese’s exit from the Dodgers in gut-shot fashion, Kershaw quietly saved the wound – the day-old of his team-mates and his years old.

Now, to call Roberts to go to script f-script and put Kersh on a short break for the first time this season in a potential game K, it’s up to 27 other dodgers to give Kersh the best effort they’ve given. May and Victor Gonzalez and Black Train did in Game 5, turning off the rays for the final 3 ⅓ innings and giving Roberts a hefty deposit in the Told Ya So Bank. Kershaw did not win two games in the post-season series until he took the 1st and 5th games of this World Series.

Victory in Game 6 on Tuesday or Game 7 on Wednesday will knock him out of the list of three-time CE Young winners without a championship. He is the only one out of 10. And Ghada who has won at least four IRA titles but no World Series titles. It is also one in 10. Similarly, 10 pitchers have won an MVP in the post-1961 expansion era, and Kershaw is the only one without a ring.

In the next 72 hours, it could all be gone, and he would bring Kershaw back to that room, sitting at the table, talking to the camera but really to the world. He would like to tell them what it feels like to be a champion in the end, how right all this was for him. There will be Kali and Charlie with him, just like they got Red Bull IV, because their dad, who eventually raised what he meant to be, made them proud.