World of Warcraft Classic raid Ahn’Qiraj to unlock on July 28

World of warcraft Classic It’s slowly bringing the full version of the original MMO experience to life, and one of the biggest forays and events in the game will launch on July 28. Version 1.13.5 will unlock the Ahn’Qiraj content, which brings players to the Silithus sandy area.

When the July 28 patch arrives, players will begin a quest chain to create a Scepter of Quicksand. Each server will also conduct a “war event,” where heroes deliver gathered resources such as cloth and leather to leaders in their faction capitals. Once the war effort is complete, the gates of Ahn’Qiraj will open. This includes a one-time special event where players can attempt to swarm the area and play a gong to win an incredibly rare and exclusive insect mount.

Even once the gates are open, there will still be new content: two new raids, the largest of which will pit players against the ancient god C’Thun. Ahn’Qiraj is the penultimate original raid tear World of warcraft, and was followed by the Naxxramas undead citadel. While Naxxramas was re-released for Lich King’s Wrath Expanding, Ahn’Qiraj has remained an important piece of legacy content, and players will be able to re-experience it with the benefit of modern infrastructure, guides, and readiness.

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