World Economic Forum Says Climate Change Destroys Venus – RT World News

When it comes to the fight against climate change, Boffins of the World Economic Forum thinks we can learn from the planet Venus, which ruined its oceans and lighter atmosphere. All that, and no one on Venus ever drove a car.

“We can learn a lot about climate change from our sister planet Venus.” Read an article on the World Economic Forum’s website this week. According to this post, new scientist Ming Daling has revealed that for most of its history, Venus’s surface has the same temperature as today’s Earth, which was also full of oceans, rain and ice.

That all changed when a continuous volcanic eruption brought enough planets of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to make the planet an obscure, uninhabitable wasteland.

A massive volcanic eruption, which occurs here every 20-30 million years on Earth, could do the same for our planet, the WEF warns, changing our planet permanently, the way fossil fuels will never be used. Can.

Such predictions are apocalyptic, and com online commentators have undermined the WEF’s argument that humanity urgently needs to move to a zero-carbon economy in order to survive global warming – in the post-coronavirus envisioned by the organization.

“If only the planet Venus had heard of Bhandi youth,” Conservative pundit Stephen Miller tweeted, a clear reference to Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, whose crusade against fossil fuels dominated the headlines last year.

A catastrophic volcanic eruption could undo any carbon tax, vehicle ban or ‘Green New Deal’ passed on Earth, while the WEF article does not rule out the effects of man-made climate change. He doesn’t just mention it.

Should that happen, the WEF already has its eye on the moon, and predicts that “The Rush of Gold” In the coming decades, companies and governments stripped away its precious thorium, uranium, and helium.

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