Wisconsin officials: Trump observers block recount

Milwaukee (AP) – Election officials in Wisconsin’s largest county on Saturday accused President Donald Trump of demanding observers to obstruct the recount of presidential results, in some cases objecting to every voter drawn in the count.

Trump called for a recount in Milwaukee and Dan counties in hopes of undoing Democrat B Biden’s victory by nearly 20,600 votes. With no calculated example of reversing such a large gap, Trump’s strategy is ultimately seen as a targeted court challenge, part of the pressure on key states to undo his electoral losses.

The steady flow of Republican complaints in Milwaukee was bringing much further ahead of the countdown period, County Clerk George Christensen said. He said many Trump observers are breaking the rules by constantly disrupting vote counters through questions and comments.

“It’s unacceptable,” he said. He said some of Trump’s observers “don’t know exactly what they’re doing.”

County Election Commissioner Tim Posnansky told his fellow commissioners that some are said to have Trump’s two representatives at the table, where tabulators are counting ballots, and breaking the rules that call one observer from each campaign per table. Posnansky said some Trump representatives are as independent as Bha.

At one counting table, Trump observers objected to each ballot being pulled empty from the bag by tabulators, election officials told the panel.

Posnansky called it “the first evidence of bad faith by the Trump campaign.” He later added: “I want to know what’s going on and why there are obstacles.”

Speaking to members of the commission on behalf of the Trump campaign, lawyer Joe Walland denied that his party was acting in bad faith.

“I want to get to the point of dialing everything down … and not screaming at each other,” Voland said.

At least one Trump observer was thrown out of the building on Saturday by Shanif’s deputies and forced by an election official to remove his coat from the observer’s chair. Another Trump observer was fired Friday for not wearing a mask as required.

Trump paid the $ 3 million required by state law for the partial count that began Friday and should be completed by Dec. 1.

His team is seeking to disqualify ballots where the address information on the certificate envelope where the ballot was filed is missing election clerks, although the practice has long been accepted in Wisconsin.

The campaign also alleges that thousands of absentee ballots did not have proper written paperwork, and that some absentee voters improperly declared themselves “indefinitely limited”, allowing them to vote without a photo ID. Those challenges were rejected.

Since the most famous presidential election in Florida in 2000, the U.S. There have been at least 31 rickets in the statewide elections. These rickets changed the outcome of the three races. All three were decided by hundreds of votes, not thousands.