Will Trump continue his bromance with Kim Jong Un?

SEOUL – After stepping down next month and who will score the second run in 2024, will the flames of Donald Trump’s legendary bromance with Kim Jong Un burn? The Korean dictator must have liked the sympathy with the former president in Pyongyang, as he paid a courtesy call on former NBA president Dennis Rodman, Kim’s guest in 2013 and again in January, when Rodman sang “Happy” birthdays to other former NBA players. Friend for “

“There is a tussle between Trump and Dennis Rodman,” said David Strobe, a former senior South Korean diplomat. If a sensible person does not trust Trump as a mediator. “

If the whole idea is over, remember that the roadmen who were “fired” twice on Trump’s TV show The Apprentice, Not only voted for him in 2016, but in a demonstration of solidarity during the first visit of both Kim and Trump to their three summits to go to Singapore in June 2018.