Wild’s Nintendo Breath basically uses fancy misses as NPCs

If you’re a Nintendo and you want a set of non-executable characters (NPCs) to be destructive quickly. The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, what are you doing? Obviously, you can use your Mii creation tool to create them. Twitter user And self-proclaimed MI expert Alice (@HeiMiHeroic) Discovered that the game world is based on some of the smaller characters (shopkeepers, towns, etc.), Mii characters, and Miyas is able to bring directly into the game – despite many attempts.

It has been speculated before Wild breathThe NPC was somehow related to Miss (especially after the discovery of their game files labeled as UMiis), but Alice’s discovery suggests that Miss could be directly mapped into the game, With just a few exceptions.

Image showing Mia as the character of Breath .f the Wild

Obviously, the game doesn’t render the characters exactly like Miss.
Image: HEYimHeroic

These characters in Wild breath Not exactly miss, as you can tell just by looking at their picture. UMii files have the same features as Mii files, and this game has those characters which means you can see it in the game. The result of this is that converting MI to UMI is relatively straightforward, as it has basically the same features. This will bring your MII to life in the game and in the style of play.

If you really want to get into your Mii Wild breath, You’ll need a modified Wi-Fi or switch (although that may be obvious). In the process, to match your MI values, to visit them in the next game, you have to create and edit the .basii file of the existing game character. Obviously, Zelda Modding Discord is reasonably active if you really want to dig into the system, And Alice credits him To help test their hypothesis.

If it all sounds like too much work or you don’t want to fix your console, Alice said they’re taking commissions, even though they seem to have already received a lot of requests. It has, by the way, gone exactly as expected.

There are many characters in the game that are not created this way. The main characters, such as Lynx, Zelda, Mifa, and any of the main characters in the story, will be traditionally created as custom 3D models.

The fact that some let Wild breath Characters with some additional modifications can basically be heavy-skinned Mice lessons: you don’t always have to rearrange the cycle to get the system working. If there’s something you’ve already put a lot of work into, like Nintendo seems to have done with the MI system, think of other ways the system can be used. This is not just a good game design; That’s life’s good advice – though hopefully your results won’t be as horrible Wild breath-Mixed meises are sometimes.