Wild NPC’s breath will appear based on the ‘advanced’ mez

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Screenshots: Nintendo / FDR Gaming (Fair use)

If you’ve ever looked at one The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the WildRandom villagers and thought, “Hey, it looks like Mia,” it could be because they were both related.

Overnight, Twitter user and self-proclaimed MI expert HEYimHeroic Wrote Which contains some non-player characters Wild breath Based on an advanced version of the existing mini design, used for Nintendo consoles and player avatars in some games. According to HEYimHeroic, this means that in addition Wild breathNPC, which looks more like MIS in more detail, it is possible to upgrade players’ existing MIS directly to hacked versions of the game.

“Basically, [Breath of the Wild NPCs] Use Meis’s Evolution, which the game’s files call ‘UMI’ (which I’ll call them from now on), ‘Heymihiroik wrote in Reddit thread. “UMiis has almost all the same parameters as the Wii U / 3DS Miis, with a few minor differences here and there, the moles will not be supported.” While all NPCs in the game are largely based on “UMiis,” Only helian (human) characters There are physical features that mimic the traditional mini.

For example, with the help of Zelda Mode discord, HEYi’mHeroic was enabled in recently added models Smash Brothers Ultimate Mirat from Barrett Final Fantasy VII In Wild breath, As well as Matt, one of the Mii opponents you’re actually facing first Wii Sports. He was able to successfully inject his own miy, Alice, into the game, although his original hairstyle was not supported. Wild breath‘UMII’ design, it defaults to something else. In theory, this means that modders can also “backport” Wild breath NPC in MI characters, although the process is very messy.

HEYimHeroic, whose comment could not be immediately reached for comment, is responsible for both Wife F Xplus. Twitter account And Tumblr, Which collects and shares incredibly special information about Meis, as well MI Library Project, Which attempts to document every official facial mii that appears in the game. Nintendo has been using the Avatar format since the Wii, released in 2006, allowing players to customize faces, body types and accessories. .

There is still a lot of work to be done to analyze exactly how Wild breathCompare with traditional MIS ‘UMIIS’. “[N]Every value of oats is known, there are still many interactions of which we are not sure, etc. “Hey Mihiroik wrote, they will provide more complete documentation of the discovery and how connoisseurs can inject their own misses. Wild breath Once it’s ready.