Why would you cancel your Tesla Model Y order? Here is an idea

Tesla owner and popular YouTube influencer Andy Slye is canceling his order for Tesla Model Y. Are we starting to see a trend among Tesla fans and owners? Especially those who promote the brand through YouTube channels?

We can hardly call a handful of Tesla fan videos a trend. However, Tesla does not advertise in the traditional sense and has had its owners and fans for years. The tight-knit group collects information about Tesla from the masses through social media. His track record of positive information has worked to combat negative information in the mainstream media, as well as that of Tesla’s stock sellers.

Lately, however, many of these Tesla owners and fans have been more inclined to expose issues with their cars. Specifically, they complain about the overall quality of the Model Y. This doesn’t mean that they still don’t love their Teslas and speak highly of the brand (and we are aware that they are likely to greatly benefit from YouTube traffic that apparently generates news. Tesla negatives).

Regardless of the above, the fact that well-known Tesla influencers publicly question the quality of the automaker’s cars, question expensive starting prices, cancel additional features (such as full self-driving ability, which it is not yet capable of self-driving completely) and canceling your Model Y orders cannot help Tesla.

All of this really makes us wonder how well Model Y is selling. Will more people begin to expect Tesla to solve the reported problems? Are people waiting for the cheaper versions to hit the market? How many people are actually on the market for a $ 60,000 to $ 70,000 electric car in these uncertain times?

Let’s also consider that many Tesla fans just bought a new Model 3 recently. Is it too early for them to step up again or make the change? Tesla’s timing is in doubt here, and the pandemic has not helped at all.

Take a look at Andy Slye’s reasons for canceling his order for Tesla Model Y. Then let us know your thoughts on all of this by leaving us a comment below.