Why Collin McHugh Doesn’t Have to Pay the Red Sox This Season, Report Says

Unless Collin McHugh is a big spender, his wallet will not be lighter after the 2020 season than it is now.

The Boston Red Sox pitcher was one of several major league pitchers in a unique position: His 2020 contract, originally for $ 600,000 guaranteed, was prorated at $ 222,222 for the Major League Baseball 60-game season.

That’s less than the $ 286,500 advance per MLB player with a guaranteed contract received in March, meaning McHugh in theory owes the Red Sox about $ 64,000 this year.

In practice, however, McHugh won’t have to pay, according to a Thursday report by Evan Drellich of The Athletic:

According to Drellich, players in McHugh’s position – that is, any MLB player who wins less than $ 774,000 this season in a guaranteed deal – are free, and teams resort to a “pool fund” from the Players Association. from MLB-MLB to recoup your losses.

That’s good news for the right-handed veteran, who came from the Houston Astros in March and is still rehabilitating from a non-surgical elbow procedure he had this offseason.

It’s also a good sign for baseball, which still has several issues to deal with when trying to play the 2020 season, but apparently isn’t obsessing over contract nuances like this.

If all goes according to plan, the other 29 teams in the Red Sox and MLB will begin training camp on July 1 in preparation for a start on July 23 or 24 to the 2020 season.

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