Who is Dale Moss? Meet Claire Crowley’s ‘Bachelorette’ contestant

It can be “one”.

After many, many delays, “The Bachelorette” finally akto. 13 airs on ABC at 8 p.m.

Although fans are excited to meet many potential suitors of leading lady Claire Crowley, all eyes are on one man, Dale Moss.

Crowley and Moss have been talking for a long period of months since the announcement of the season 16 cast before the film’s shooting. After meeting face to face, they quickly fell for each other and reportedly left the show to live together. While there is disagreement among sources as to whether this was the choice of the crew or the construction, the 39-year-old will allegedly be taken over by Shia Adams.

The show’s promos seem to confirm this theory.

“Hi, come on up,” says Crowley, staring at Moss as he pulls out of the limo in a new teaser video.

“Claire, my name is Dale, and I can’t be more excited about this trip with you,” she told him.

As she walks away, she says: “I feel like I’ve met my husband. “Oh God.”

Crowley reportedly gives Moss his first impression of a rose Blogger Reality Steve.

But other competitors are not so certain. In one of the clips, a man in Overover says, “When the couple plays a video together on the bed, it’s time for Clear to realize that Dale thinks she’s not who she is.”

Moss is a 32-year-old who spent four years in the NFL as a wide receiver. The offensive player has been on the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears, according to his website.

In addition to sports, Moss works as a model for brands such as Under Armor and Hugo Boss. She is a volunteer for the Tiger Woods Foundation, Wounded Warriors and serves as a global ambassador to the Special Olympics.

The South Dakota resident also played basketball while studying at Division 1 College College. NFL After his stroke in, he moved to New York for advice for sports and wellness brands.

His official ABC Bio reads, “Dale is looking for a woman who wants him, but doesn’t need him, and says nothing will turn him into a strong independent woman.” “When Dale feels passionate, he doesn’t like to hold back and is in search of a woman who won’t be stopped by his intensity.”

There’s a small red flag: his bio says he still has to be patient.

“It’s hard to say safe that Dale left his mark earlier this season,” says Chris Harrison. show during online showcase Of the cast of the season. “It’s safe to say I’ve never seen anyone leave a big impression. Stay connected. “

Like most “bachelorette” contestants, Moss’s Instagram is full of shirtless photos of himself. The New Yorker is at the heart, he recently showed support for the Yankees. He often shares his shots at the gym, walks the streets of NYC and does sponsored stuff.