White House attorneys help Wall Street Journal: NYT buy controversial Hunter Biden story

A controversial story alleging malpractice by a former vice president JB BidenBiden Obama condemns Trump in Miami: ‘Florida man won’t do these things either’ Trump made his case on Brad Pitt in North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin, and Biden’s announcement was broadcast during the World Series.Her family was involved in foreign affairs dealings in The Wall Street Journal by Trump allies before it was published in The New York Post.

According to the Times, White House lawyer Eric Hershman and former Deputy White House lawyer Stephen Pasantino were among those inside. President TrumpDonald John Trump Obama Condemns Trump in Miami: ‘Florida Men Won’t Do Things Too’The circle giving the Biden story to the reporters of the Street Journal. Trump’s allies report that the story of a credible paper in the journal will come out in Trump’s favor before the November election.

The story, presented by White House insiders, alleged that the Democratic presidential candidate Biden was involved in his son Hunter Biden’s foreign affairs in China and Ukraine. Herschmann and Pasantino handed out emails to the journal, saying Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski was ready to go on record with them.

The Wall Street Journal sought to report the story and confirm or deny the allegations made by Hershman and Pasentino, however, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy GiulianiRudy Giuliani Biden returns to Trump: Trump will attack Biden’s family for attacking Trump after children of political rivals, business deals Facebook, Twitter CEO More to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee on November 17 The story was given to the New York Post, in which the allegations were published.

According to the Times, the story of the post casts a shadow over the Wall Street Journal report, as the story of the post was extensively investigated by sourcing.

Giulini told the Post that the emails came from Hunter Biden’s laptop and were stored at the store. Facebook and Twitter, for example, immediately limited the sharing of the story, claiming it violated their policies on sharing hacked content.

The Wall Street Journal Eventually posted a story on the subject, but did not conclude that Biden was involved in his son’s activity abroad, as reported by Hershman and Passantino. Instead, read his headline “Hunter Biden’s former business partner accuses father of knowing about adventure.”

A New York Times report highlights pressure from Trump circles to publish what they say is the misconduct committed by Joe Biden in foreign countries.

Most recently, the Trump campaign tried to surprise the former vice president two hours before Thursday’s discussion in Nashville, Tennessee, by holding a press conference with Bobulinsky, who claimed that Joe Biden was involved in trying to start a business venture with his son. Chinese energy company.

But the story has been tested, as Democrats say the way Hunter Biden’s allegations were discovered – by a laptop he allegedly left at a repair shop and never picked up – nevertheless identifies the Russian disinformation campaign. However, the director of national intelligence says there is no evidence of this. It also follows intelligence officials saying that Giulia’s Russian influence was the target of the campaign.