Where to apply shields and healing (location domination challenge)



Today’s Fortnite’s Location Domination Part 2 challenges are released, providing players with even more content to beat as they await the arrival of Fortnite Season 3. Basically, the overtime challenges are a great way to help you get past the latest levels. in your Battle Pass. Here it is where to apply shields and healing in Shanty Town and Orchard in Fortnite.

You’ll need to apply the following amounts of health or shield in Orchard or Shanty Town to complete the following stages of this Location Domination challenge.

  • Stage 1: 100
  • Stage 2: 250
  • Stage 3: 500

Shanty Town & Orchard locations in Fortnite

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Shanty Town and Orchard are on opposite sides of the Fortnite map. While Shanty Town can be found in grid reference B6, the Orchard is up in grid references F2 and F3, just north of Frenzy Farm.

Fortnite Shanty Town
Fortnite’s shantytown

From what we can gather, you don’t need to pick up the healing or shield consumables at any of these named locations to advance towards the challenge. Instead, as long as you simply wear bandages, a medicine cabinet, consume fish or shields to protect yourself while within the perimeter of these landmarks, you will complete the challenge.

Complete the Apply Shields location domination challenge quickly

That being said, if you head to the center of Shanty Town, you will find a strange pipe statue. If you look around the bottom of this inside the swamp, you’ll find Slurp barrels.

Break them to gain 10 health or shield for each while standing next to him. Just rinse and repeat this process across multiple games and your challenge is ready in no time.

That is all you need to know applying health and shields in Shanty Town or The Orchard. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to visit our ever-expanding guide wiki.