When does Boris Johnson talk to parliamentarians today? How to look


After addressing the nation last night with the latest tips related to the coronavirus blockade, Boris Johnson will speak with parliamentarians today to further outline the new guidelines.

Some critics called yesterday’s advice confusing and hope to gain more clarity today as the government will issue its official guidelines and the Prime Minister will provide a rough plan to ease the blockade and restart the economy in England.

This is how Johnson’s address to MPs can be seen on television …

What time does Boris Johnson talk to parliamentarians?

The Prime Minister is scheduled to appear before the House of Commons in 3:30 pm, to further outline the new COVID-19 alert system and plans to facilitate the blockade by reopening some non-essential stores in the near future.

How can I see Boris Johnson’s speech to parliamentarians?

There are several ways you can tune in to hear the latest from the Prime Minister.

In a late change to television schedules, a BBC News Special will air on BBC One starting at 3 p.m., incorporating the Johnson Commons address.

You can also watch on the BBC Parliament, the channel dedicated to what happens in the House of Commons, either on your TV or live on BBC iPlayer.

Meanwhile, the address will also be broadcast in its entirety on the BBC News website.

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