What’s on TV Thursday: “How to Escape the Murder” and “The Lodge”


How to get away from murder 10 p.m. at ABC After six seasons, the story of criminal defense attorney Annalize Keating (Viola Davis) comes to an end on Thursday night, as “How To Escape The Murder” airs its final episode. In the penultimate episode, a high-risk trial began, with Annalize representing herself. How will it end? In a video promoting the finale, the show’s creator Peter Nowalk warned the public not to expect justice. “I would be a great liar if I told a story where everyone got what they deserved,” he said. “That is not what happens in life.”

THE SHELTER (2020) Broadcast on Hulu; rent in Amazon, Google playiTunes Voodoo and Youtube. It is May and spring is in full bloom, but now the social estrangement is causing fever in the cabin. Therefore, some viewers may relate to this elegant horror film, about two snowy brothers in a rural cabin with their disturbed stepmother. Directed by Austrian filmmakers Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala (“Goodnight Mommy”), the film focuses on Aiden (Jaeden Martell) and Mia (Lia McHugh), a brother and sister whose father leaves them in the care of his girlfriend, Grace. (Riley Keough), who we know had a traumatic childhood as the only surviving member of a suicide cult. That dark past comes to haunt the three characters, as the snow keeps them locked inside. “Despite her visual flair and relentlessly tense atmosphere,” wrote Jeannette Catsoulis in her review for The New York Times, “‘The Lodge’ is more successful in maintaining unease, like the mysterious and unexplained images of a dollhouse. creepy, than in building a compelling narrative. ” She called it “more disturbing than scary.”

THE SKIN ON WHICH I LIVE (2011) Rent in Amazon, Google play, Voodoo and Youtube. While heavy snowfalls confine the characters in “The Lodge”, one person cages in “The Skin I Live In”, a psychological thriller by Pedro Almodóvar. That person is Robert Ledgard, a cold-blooded plastic surgeon played by Antonio Banderas, who is keeping a prisoner, Vera (Elena Anaya), locked up in his mansion in Spain. The many mysteries that the plot reveals include how and why it ended there. “There are several genres nimbly dubbed in ‘The Skin I Live In’, which could also be described as an existential mystery, a melodramatic thriller, a medical horror movie, or simply a great polymorphic show,” Manohla Dargis wrote in her review for The Times. . . “In other words, it is a film by Almodóvar with all the gifts it implies: lapidary technique, calculated perversity, intelligent ingenuity.”

WHEN THE WORLD BREAKS (2010) Broadcast on Tubi; rent in Amazon, Google play, iTunes, Voodoo and Youtube. Actor and comedian Jerry Stiller died Monday at age 92. If you want to see Stiller’s character “Seinfeld” celebrate “a Festivus for the rest of us,” go to Hulu. If you want to see Stiller himself tell anecdotes from his childhood, consider watching this documentary, which looks at creativity during the Great Depression. His other interviewees include Phyllis Diller, Ray Bradbury, and Buzz Aldrin.