What is NFT? You need to know about crypto collectors

A virtual art piece titled “Everyday: The First 5000 Days”. Created by digital artist Beeple, Christie’s is the first NFT-based work of art to be auctioned off.


From art to sports trading cards, people are spending millions of dollars on digital collector’s items.

These crypto collectors, known as NFTs, have recently exploded in popularity. A video clip created by digital artist Beeple, whose real name is Mike Winkelman, was recorded last week and flipped to 6.6 million. It was originally purchased for around $ 67,000.

Meanwhile, one of the thousands of computer-generated avatars known as cryptopunks has recently sold for over 2 million. And since 2011, Nyan Cat Mem’s Crypto Art Rendition has sold at an online auction for about 90 590,000.

At the same time, critics see NFT’s craze as another potential speculative frenzy in crypto that is sure to eventually come out.

So what is NFT? And why have they suddenly sold into the millions? CNBC runs through what you need to know.

What is NFT?

NFT, or Fungible Tokens, is a new type of digital asset. Ownership of these assets is recorded on a blockchain – in a digital account similar to a network that underpins Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But unlike most virtual currencies, you cannot exchange one NFT for another in the same way with a dollar or gold bars. Each NFT is unique and acts as a collector’s item that cannot be replicated, making it rare by design.

You can think of them as a crypto alternative to rare Pokemon or baseball cards.

The rise of the internet means that anyone can view images, videos and songs for free. People are buying NFT based on the belief that they will be able to prove ownership of a virtual item thanks to the blockchain.

U.S. NFA based on basketball league. Top shot, N.F.T. The platform allows users to buy and sell short clips featuring match highlights of star players. The NBA licenses Reaper to Dapper Labs, a start-up that digitizes footage to limit ambiguity. According to the NBA Top Shot website Cryptoslam today has facilitated sales of over 280 million. Labs on the app make money on every transaction while royalties are paid to the NBA.

Basketball is not the only game to get into crypto. French start-up Sરેrer allows users to collect and play officially licensed soccer cards in fantasy games. According to NFT data tracker Nonfungible, the Sorera market has sold more than 22 22 million to date. Sorer announced last week that it had raised 50 50 million from investors, including Benchmark, Assel and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohion.

“This is a clear case of industry use for NFT,” said Lars Ransing, CEO of Blockchain Pay Protocol. “Trading cards and stockpiles have always been a lucrative revenue stream for clubs.”

Meanwhile, art dealers are also moving into the action, with auction house Christie’s auctioning off virtual art pieces from Beeple. The auction is yet to close but up to Rs 30 million has been bid for the work.

NFT is not a new phenomenon. Cryptocurrencies, one of the earliest examples, were once so popular that they shut down the network of digital currency ether. To date, these colorful online cats have sold over 40 million Nonfingibles.

Why are they so popular?

The coronavirus epidemic played a major role in the NFT boom. Last year, the total value of NFT transactions quadrupled to Rs 250 million, according to a study by nonfingible and BNP Paribas-affiliated research firm L’Atiler.

It’s not in part because of restrictions sitting at home, which has resulted in people spending more of their time on the internet and saving cash from the lack of travel. It is similar to the rise of retailers betting on the reddit board Wall StreetBates, the game’s top, and historically degraded stocks.

Meanwhile, it has also reached a time when Bitcoin, Ether and other digital coins have risen in value, with Bitcoin briefly hitting બજાર 1 trillion in market value last month.

“Right now we live at a point in the world where the majority of the population spends 50% of their time on PC,” said Whale Shark, a nicknamed collector who told CNBC that 7 collected more than 2.7 million collections.


Many investors buy NFTs as a speculative investment in the hope that they will be able to flip them at a higher price than originally paid. But a growing number of people also have long-term storage for them.

“Like any technical hype cycle, we’re starting with speculative activity and usually it gives way to more basic value,” Nadia Ivanawa, chief operating officer of L’Atilere, told CNBC.

“The NFT was launched in 2017. Much of it was speculation. The market we saw in 2020 is really maturing.”

NFTs have attracted celebrities such as Mark Cuban, Lindsay Lohan and Gary Weinerchuk, while big brands are also getting involved. And people NFT. Looking for other use cases, such as virtual real estate and gaming.

Still, the NFT has found space with skepticism by some artists and investors. Critics saw it as a similar crypto fad in early 2017 coin opportunities that would eventually go into inconsistency. Surprisingly, the companies behind such tokens disagree.

“I think the% of projects that are in space today may not exist after two or three years, much like the ICO boom. Said the whale shark.

The digital token of the Etherium blockchain, many NFTs are priced in Ether. The digital asset touched a record price of more than $ 2,000 last month before falling nearly $ 600 in just a few days, reminding investors of the wild volatility of cryptocurrencies.